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Love in American Times: Comedy. By Philip Kan Gotanda.

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When the year-old corporate powerhouse Jack J. Michael Flynn meets the sexy and very together year-old Scarlett Linda Parkthe sparks that fly have less to do with physical attraction than the cagey posturing, missteps and negotiations of a business merger. The latest world premiere from the prolific Gotanda "The Wash," "Yankee Dawg You Die" grows thinner in its second act, on Jack's yacht with his pre-existing family.

But the inventive, slyly witty beginning of his exploration of pragmatic mating practices casts a persistent glow. That's partly a result of the degree to which Gotanda has subsumed his original idea within the reality of his principal characters. The play, Gotanda says in the program, began as a look at arranged matches "between very wealthy white males and very beautiful, well-accomplished Asian females.

Instead of making it the focus, Gotanda treats the interracial aspect as a contemporary given, using it to flavor a spicy courtship between katie k escort in canada, driven and sharply drawn people. Despite the best efforts of director Rick Lombardo and a talented cast, the other characters look like outtakes from many other wealthy family plays - the flaky daughter Arwen Andersoncorporate son Craig Marker and formidable ex Rosina Reynolds.

If their family and corporate control issues are too thinly developed to raise much interest, though, the thorny, oddly sexy interplay between Jack and Scarlett remains enchanting. As a self-made kingpin, Flynn walks a fine line between good-old-boy caricature bluster and empathetic need.

Swm seeking lady for good time

Park, a former "Star Trek: Enterprise" regular making her hometown stage debut, brings a lively, levelheaded intelligence to the ambitious Scarlett's quest for wealth, power and motherhood. Men are most sensitive to this fact, even men of color, when they are looking for a date.

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Just by observation, one can tell that inter-racial marriages still tend to sseeking with people of the same skin colour. For example, you see plentiful white man with chinese woman but very few white man with black woman.

The skin factor tend to overide language, cultural and nationality barriers. I am a chinese in my mids and I grew up, work, and socialize mostly among caucasians.

Swm seeking lady for good time

But throughout many conversations and interactions, I find there is always a sense of hesitation to go beyond even the most casual lunches or friendship phase. But I believe culture, traditions, and a lifetime exposure to certain family values have some say in goof outcomes lucy las vegas escort well. Now I was forced to think differently and more openly at an early age because I needed to adapt to live in the US.

But many people never had to experience that and as a result become more closed off towards certain ideals passed on in their world. From the papers cited yesterday, white women are the most discriminating.

Swm seeking lady for good time

But is it because they are racist? Or are there so many other white men available they are less likely to consider inter-racial dating?

Statistics may only tell you half the story. There is much resistance. I am slightly more inclined to date someone outside my race simply because I tend to shy away from situations that, for one reason or another, result in de-facto ti,e. I guess it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Swm seeking lady for good time

I think it is just a function of how familiar one is with a setting or sub-culture, and not necessarily the result of fear of differences. I think comfort and familiarity play strong roles in my inclination to date someone of another race. Its no big deal for me, but I see why it would be for most, because I feel the same discomfort in the inverse situation. As a single black female graduating from med. In much of the country, interracial dating hardly elicits a response.

I live in Reno, NV, not exactly the most liberal of cities, and there is forestport ny adult personals lot of interracial dating at the University of Nevada campus. Now everyone is hooking up with everyone else. In IR relationships, Black women are the least desired. White women are more likely to date black men than white men are to date black women.

In general, non-white men excluding black men are more willing to date white women than they are to date black women.

Swm seeking lady for good time

Black women get the short end of the stick in IR dating. Tim I found myself attracted to someone, I was quickly turned off for other reasons like their personality and alas it never came to pass.

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I think that through your research you will find that economics will play a larger part in your finding than race. I believe that will be the same case in this instance as well. I have no preference with regard to race, but because I live in a more affluent part of the city, the bars, restaurants, and hood I frequent are usually hangouts for SWM.