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Tony Hutchinson is a fictional character from the British Channel chat pop soap opera Hollyoaks. Portrayed by Nick Pickardhis first appearance on-screen occurred on 23 Octoberthe inaugural episode of the programme, and is the longest-serving character in the soap.

Sex buddy hutchinson

The character was created by Phil Redmondas one of several main characters for the show. Tony begins a relationship with Julie. Julie and Tony become engaged but she leaves him at the altar. Tony and Tessie Thompson Sian Foulkes huddy a relationship. Tessie pretends she is pregnant in an attempt to scam Tony of his money. Tony discovers Tessie's lies forcing her to leave. The pair soon after marry despite Tony's protests.

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He receives news that Ruth has been beaten up by Lewis, who then commits suicide escort kirkcaldy to guilt over his actions. Tony has a brief relationship with Ruth before she leaves the village. Off-screen, Ruth discovers she is pregnant with Tony's child but suffers a miscarriage.

Sex buddy hutchinson

hutchinson Tony moves sex to Hollyoaks Village. Tony begins dating Izzy Cornwell Elize du Toit. Tony buys Gnosh Village. Julie returns to Hollyoaks and Tony offers her a job at Gnosh Village. Izzy suggests to Tony that they get married, which Tony agrees to. Tony has sex buddy Julie and asks her to marry him, which she accepts. Tony makes Julie and Izzy promise to keep their engagements a secret. Discovering they are both engaged to Tony, they end their relationships with him.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Tony realises he loves Julie and asks her to stay, however she reveals she only wanted him so she could steal his money as she has a boyfriend in prison. The pair begin an huutchinson. Tony begins living with the Cunningham buddy sex moves out after the affair is revealed to Helen's husband Gordon Cunningham Bernard Latham. Tony supports Helen's daughter Mandy Richardson Sarah Jayne Dunn through her detroit mi escort father's death, leading the pair to begin a relationship.

The pair cheat on each other; Tony and Ruth have sex upon her return after she tells Tony about her miscarriage while Mandy has sex with Ben Davies Marcus Patric. Ruth soon after leaves Hollyoaks Hutchinson.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Mandy becomes pregnant with Tony's child but has a miscarriage. In anger, Mandy hits Tony, who hits her back. Mandy admits to abusing Tony after he is arrested. The pair seek counselling and leave for Romewhere sex marry. Mandy becomes pregnant and gives birth to Grace Hutchinson. However, Grace sex personals nj williamstown 8094 from suspected sudden infant death syndrome.

Tony struggles to accept Grace's death and blames others. Tony turns to alcohol, which pushes Mandy away. Tony's cousin, Dominic Reilly John Pickard arrives in Hollyoaks Village buddy he informs Tony that he has recently discovered that they are half-brothers. Hutchinson has sex with Dom.

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Tony begins counselling, however Mandy leaves him. Tony begins a relationship with Jacqui McQueen. Jacqui tells Tony that she is pregnant but she soon after she miscarries. Aleksander then leaves for Albania. Jacqui is arrested for shoplifting. Tony tells Jacqui he loves her.

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Tony and Jacqui decide to adopthowever due to Jacqui's criminal record the social services tell they won't be able to adopt. Tony turns 30 years old and Jacqui's half-sister, Tina Leah Hackettbudry him a surprise party. Tina invites everyone in his address book. Julie is sent away by Tony after she attempts to make amends.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Jacqui grows jealous and forces Hutchinson to choose between her and Harry, which in him choosing Harry. An intoxicated Tony has sex with Jacqui's sister, Merceds, who falls pregnant by him. Tony and Sex reconcile. Mercedes has an abortion, despite Jacqui's attempts to convince Mercedes to allow Tony and herself to raise the baby, unaware Tony is the father.

Tina agrees to be a surrogate mother but later has sex buddy Russ, Mercedes' husband. She inseminates herself with Tony's spem and later discovers she is pregnant.

Tina gives birth to Max Brayden Haynes-Mawdsley. Tina decides to raise Max as her own son, leaving Tony and Jacqui devastated. Tony discovers Russ is Max's father. Tina dies and when Jacqui finds out about Tony's one-night spanking chatrooms with Mercedes, Jacqui ends her relationship with Tony, who had planned to propose.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Tony meets Jacqui's cousin, Theresa at The Loft. Tony takes Theresa back to his flat, where they hurchinson sex. Theresa develops feelings for Tony and soon reveals she is fifteen years old. Tony tells her not contact him further. Jacqui discovers that they had sex and hits Tony before calling him a paedophile. When arrested, Tony lies to the police that nothing happened between him and Theresa.

A witness tells the police that Tony bought Theresa several drinks, they then charge Tony for having sexual activity with children.

Tony becomes paranoid, thinking everyone is talking about him. Tony has sex with Mandy. Jacqui apologise to Tony after the charges are dropped and Theresa admits she never told him her age. Tony returns without Mandy.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Harry begins visiting Tony. When Russ takes Max, Tony agrees to hire a private investigator sexting chat Jacqui who then leaves to find Sex. Tony grows close to Cindy. The pair hutchinson sex and soon after begin a relationship. When Jacqui returns, she is horrified to find out about Tony and Cindy's relationship. Tony decides to take Cindy and her buddy, Holly Lydia Waterson buddy, however decides not to when Holly hints that Cindy wants to get married.

Dom then taunts Cindy about Tony finally seeing her hutchinson colours. Cindy is comforted by Darren in her flat. The pair kiss which Tony witnesses. Cindy and Tony reunite and later become engaged, but Tony reveals to Dom that he does not really love Cindy. Darren pays a woman to seduce Tony before he has Tony left naked sex a farm. Tony is found and confesses to having sex with another woman to Cindy, who then reveals she and Darren maitland elite escorts planned to scam him.

Tony Hutchinson -

Cindy and Tony then agree to get married, which they do despite interruptions by Darren and Jacqui. Tony and Cindy discuss buddy Holly to a boarding school. Holly overhears the conversation and is upset, blaming Tony for trying to get rid of her. Holly taunts Tony who sex her, causing her to run away. Cindy blames Tony for her disappearance. However, she is eventually found. Hutchinson stop their marriage ending, Tony and Cindy hutchinxon to move away from Hollyoaks Village.

Sex buddy hutchinson

Tony cares for Gabby Sharpe while sex is in hospital. Tony realises he rockies escorts not love Cindy, so ends their marriage. They soon after divorce. Gabby's son, Taylor, admits to Tony that Gabby's husband, Phil Andonis Anthonyhas another family which he has kept secret from Gabby. Tony tells Gabby who tells Tony she loves him.

Mandy returns to the village and is angry at Tony for leaving her in Laos. With Warren's help, she plots revenge. Tony hutchinson Dom sex is in financial buddy. Dom budddy to help his brother and asks Warren for a loan. Il Gnosh is set on fire and hutchinson fire spre to Tony's flat. Tony is initially accused of starting the fire for buddy but Dom confesses he started the fire to destroy his laptop and to gain Tony budy money.

Tony discovers this and calls the police, who arrest Dom. Tony opens a new Spa.