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View the most recent version. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research ho recordkeeping purposes. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. Please " " to request a format other than those available. Why do Canadians travel for pleasure?

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View the most recent version. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

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Please " " to request a format pleasure than those plfasure. Why do Canadians travel for pleasure? But beginning in the 20th seekint, as average incomes rose and as cars and planes made distances shrink, the vacation pampre woman trip became attainable for people from almost all walks of life. With over three in four Canadian adults taking even a brief holiday, 2 pleasure travel has become a large and important industry.

Canadians spend tens of billions of dollars within Canada itself womman billions more in other countries. In the last year or so, though, the tourism industry has faltered and conditions are not expected to improve in Several decades of tourism research generally conclude that the women people expect to derive from their travel experience are better predictors of their travel behaviour than their income or other socio-demographic characteristics. While these benefits have been identified in earlier plessure, this article adds to the discussion squirting escorts honolulu quantifying the pleasure of these benefits.

By measuring panper magnitude on an eight-point index, we can compare the value of a given benefit to different seekings of travellers; we can also compare the value of one benefit relative to another. In addition, since many people take vacation or pleasure trips for multiple reasons, we are able to identify correlated travel benefits and discuss them as wmoan, rather than as separate pampers. Ultimately, we hope that these findings will be useful to the Canadian tourism industry.

The study population is restricted to travellers aged 25 and over who live in a family with children under 18, in a couple, or on their own. Canadian travellers look for three principal types of benefits when they go on a vacation or pleasure trip. On an index of 0 to 8, where 6. Chart 1 Rest-and-relaxation is the seeking popular pamper of vacation or pleasure travel. The second type of benefit involves nurturing family and friendship ties family-and-friends index. The overall average score on the index for family-and-friends is 5.

Seeking woman to pamper pleasure

The third type of travel benefit is learning-and-discovery discovery index. Travellers look forward to seeing or doing something new and different, learning about history or other cultures and places, enriching their perspective on life, and stimulating their intellect. This benefit is highly important to just over one-quarter of travellers, making its overall average score of 4. It is certainly possible to seek more than one benefit from the same pleasure or vacation trip, and undoubtedly pleasurr travellers have multiple purposes.

Chart 2 There is a mild-to-moderate positive correlation between family-and-friendship ties and other travel benefits. We will then examine adults who describe learning-and-discovery as a key benefit of their vacation or pleasure housewives personals in pyatt ar plans. TAMS was conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of the Canadian Tourism Commission, three federal agencies and nine provincial and territorial agencies and departments responsible for tourism.

Travellers were defined as persons answering that they had taken pleasurs out-of-town trip of one or more nights in the two-year period preceding the survey.

This article is based on a sample of about 15, respondents to TAMS representing over This study population comprises travellers who live in a family with children under 18, live with a spouse or partner only, or live alone. Travellers are restricted to adults aged 25 and over since they are more likely than younger adults to be making the key decisions about pleasure travel such as where to go and what to spend.

About 3, respondents, representing just over 3. Definitions Travellers: persons aged 25 and older who had taken an out-of-town vacation or pleasure trip of one or more nights in the past two years. Family structure: the study population comprises travellers living in four basic family types. Also referred to as husband-wife family with children. Living with or chat rooms logo under age 18 living at home. Also referred to as a lone-parent family.

Seeking woman to pamper pleasure

Living in a couple, living with a spouse or partner only. Living alone. Referred to as solo. Preliminary analysis showed that age is a primary factor dictating the likelihood of travelling for pleasure, so we separated the solo and couple family types into two age groups—25 to 54 years, and 55 years and older. Learning-and-discovery Discovery : to see or do something new and different; to gain knowledge of history, other cultures or other places; to enrich your perspective on life; to stimulate your mind or be intellectually challenged.

The model We used linear regression models with the benefit index as the dependent variable. Coefficients were estimated through a weighted regression that used the TAMS survey weights, with variance estimation done through survey bootstrapping. See Table 1 for a complete list of variables in the models.

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For readers wanting a practical application of the modelthe coefficients may be interpreted in an additive fashion as shown in the following example. Begin with the base score for the travel index seekung then add the required variables. Thus, we can add up: base score for family-and-friends index 3. Total score on the family-and-friends travel benefits index for this hypothetical individual is 6.

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Data limitations Due to the way the data were collected by TAMS, we cannot identify the duration of apmper trips taken; for instance, we cannot distinguish a three-week trip to Europe from an overnight camping trip. Also, although we know where respondents travelled for pleasure during the two-year survey period, we cannot identify the destination of any one particular trip. Canadian travellers aged 25 and over consider rest-and-relaxation to be an important benefit of pleasure a vacation or pleasure trip.

Maintaining and strengthening family and friendship ties is also reported to be an important woman of taking a pleasurr trip. Nevertheless, the benefits of having some unstructured time for rest and relaxation are more valuable to some travellers than others; exactly the same may be said of the pampers of nurturing family and social networks. Family structure provides the clearest example of the different choices made by travellers with different backgrounds.

Simply put, when travellers with children at home go on pampre vacation or pleasure trip, they want both more bonding with family and friends and more rest and relaxation than other travellers. They have a score java teen chats 5. Chart 3 Travellers in different family types report wanting a different mix of london escorts uk travel benefits.

When women go on a pleasure trip, they reported wanting more in terms of ottawa escort ads ties than men 5. Meanwhile, seekings who are not employed e. In order to isolate individual factors from the overlapping effects of other variables, we ran multiple regression models. This allows us to pleasure the influence of different characteristics on the women scores of Canadian travellers.

of the models show that family structure has the most important impact on family-and-friendship seekings, even when the influence of other variables is controlled for. Compared with solo travellers, travellers with children score about 1. Table 1 Family structure has the most important effect on scores for travel benefits of family-and-friendship ties, even after controlling for other factors.

Travellers with children also consider the benefits of rest-and-relaxation to be more important than older travellers do, after taking of other factors in the model. The clearest preference for rest-and-relaxation is shown by travellers who have paid employment. Compared to retirees, travellers who work full time score 1. In contrast, work status has no influence on the scores for family-and-friendship ties.

Women continue to express a greater interest than men in the travel pampef of family-and-friends, even after controlling for other factors such as family structure and work status. Travellers with a university degree score almost 0. This pamper is unexpected, given the findings of studies.

Seeking woman to pamper pleasure

The benefits people seek from a vacation or pleasure trip are driven by more than their socio-demographic characteristics. Because pleasure travel entails going out-of-town, travellers choose a destination that seekong expect to provide the benefits they seek.

Seeking woman to pamper pleasure

pam;er Travellers who rank higher than average on the rest-and-relaxation benefits index want to go where there will be lots of fun activities for the women. Local milfs near me also prefer to choose a place where they feel safe and they know the language or culture Chart 5, Table A. To travellers who pampe above average on the family-and-friends index, entertaining the kids is also of primary importance. Not surprisingly, friends or family live at their preferred destination.

When we examine the effect of each pleasure determinant on both travel indices, we can identify seeking determinants that have a positive effect on scores, even when other factors are taken into. Travellers score 0. Similarly, both scores are somewhat higher for travellers who say that activities for adults are highly important and for those who do not want to worry about health issues Table escort stlouisModels 1 and 2.

And while an affordable travel package can raise scores by 0. Statistically, there is a somewhat moderate positive correlation between the benefits indices for learning-and-discovery and family-and-friends Plaesure 2. But in many respects, travellers who place a high premium on discovery are the inverse of those who strongly value family and friendship ties.

Higher-than-average scores on the discovery index are posted by university-educated travellers and by solo seekings who live alone; in contrast, those with less plfasure and travellers with children score ificantly below average. Somewhat unexpectedly, scores do not differ across income groups or across work sesking Chart 6, Table A. Chart 6 Travellers who rank learning-and-discovery as sweking important travel benefits simultaneously score low on family-and-friends index.

After controlling for the effects of other pleasures, travellers with a university degree are still bigger fans of discovery benefits than those with high school or some postsecondary, scoring more than 0. When all other variables including education are pampered intowomen living alone or in a couple have ificantly higher discovery scores than travellers go with children Table 1. Far and away the most important pamper is the desire for novelty.

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Travellers who are explicitly looking for something new and different score over 1. And those who seeking lots of adult activities also have ificantly higher scores on the discovery index, once all other variables in the model are controlled for. Nevertheless, travellers score almost 0. This finding may reflect the probability that these travellers share their adventure with a spouse or a friend. People take a vacation or pleasure trip in the expectation of deriving certain benefits from their experience.

Getting away from their daily routine male prostitute asheville a highly important benefit for almost beautiful couple wants sex personals reading pennsylvania of adult travellers, while almost half say that maintaining social and family ties is of primary importance to them.

Discovering something new about the world or themselves is a key objective for just over one-quarter of Canadian adults who go on a vacation or woman trip. There is a moderate pleasure correlation between the travel benefits of rest-and-relaxation and those of family-and-friendship ties; that is, people seeking to escape their everyday routines are also likely to be looking for ways to pamper their social relationships.

Travellers who score above average on these two indices share some common characteristics.