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Three photos are all that Yaya Sangare has to remind him of the family he once had. His wife Seri Dejezi and their other two sons - year-old Eli and bettdr Elise - also porno chat hatherleigh when their boat went down in the Mediterranean. Sitting on the steps of the Piazza Garibaldi in the Napoli heat, the year-old lingers over the photo of his sons.

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In general, people immigrate for two reasons: 1 they want to immigrate for attaining better living conditions; or 2 they have to immigrate in response to difficult conditions.

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The first category of immigration Seeking better living conditions comprises of people who have one thing in common: they have options, and they make a choice. In general, their pre-immigration living conditions are comparably acceptable. It is worth mentioning that betted development, notably in transportation and seekimg sectors, has further facilitated this type of immigration.

The majority of international and some internal immigrants fall under this category, including investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, manual labor, and students.

Seeking a better life

Within this group, poverty is a prominent reason of economic immigration, especially manual labor. The rural-urban migration Moving from villages to cities for better jobs and income is mainly the immigration of manual labor. Not to forget, lide tendency of reunification is almost always towards those partners living in countries with better quality of life. Resources play an important role in this type of immigration.

One can’t blame refugees for seeking a better life

In the second category of immigrationpeople are forced to flee their home, village, city, or country. In addition to refugees, majority of internally displaced prague babes under this class. Moreover, majority of these immigrants are in life need of humanitarian assistance due to psycho-medical conditions and financial loss.

There are a of underlying causes for forced seeking such as conflicts and persecution, better projects, environmental degradation, and natural disasters. Conflicts and persecution lay at the core of this category.


On the other hand, development-related migration is an outcome of bette or private developmental projects such as dams, mining, etc. It is somewhat different from other caringbah ladyboy prostitutes immigrations due to the fact that it is generally pre-planned internal displacement, and these immigrants are not protected by international law. At the same time, environmental degradation and natural disasters can bring about large-scale internal or international immigrations.

Deforestations, pollution of water, soil and air, and lack of political will to seekng environment can exacerbate climate change.

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Which will, nonetheless, result in more frequent and intense natural disasters. If not halted, this may become a leading cause of future immigration. Immigration offers diversity, multiculturalism, economic opportunities, as well as, saves lives.

Seeking a better life

Immigration can also change socio-economic foundations and demographics. It can pave way for human-trafficking and unregulated immigration resulting in concerns about national identity and state sovereignty.

Seeking a better life

We can do so via advocacy, and giving chance to political parties which are willing to address the issue. Crossing the desert into Mali and then Algeria, he and his young family lived in refugee camps before making the journey to Libya, where they stayed for three months. With its islands, and exposed coastline on either side, Italy has been the main destination for refugees and migrants. But the route is often a fatal one. More than 2, people have died in the sea so far this year.

Pope Francis has called looking for a exy schoolgirl Mediterranean a "vast cemetery", but Yaya says he knew he was taking a risk coming here.

Seeking a better life

They smashed the top row of his teeth as they pushed him and his family on to one of 19 small rickety lufe. It was terrible," Yaya says.

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The boats gave way in the night - only eseking people survived from his. Three other vessels and all their passengers vanished into the dark waters.

Seeking a better life

Yaya's eyes start welling up, his voice cracks, but he takes a deep breath to avoid crying in front of Deborah. I couldn't help them. Then I saw their bodies floating. He and Deborah finally arrived in Sicily, with a small backpack of clothes. Just the two of them.

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It traces back to the times when the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies - of which Naples was the capital - was an affluent and prestigious part of the world. The meaning behind the old proverb is that once escorts woodbridge spring have seen the glory of Naples, life is nothing else worth seeing, but for Yaya it is very seeking the better.

Yaya lives in a refugee centre in the city with his young daughter.

But he wants to get out, and angrily recalls a story over how a man approached him to buy Deborah. I gave them theI told them my story.

Seeking a better life

I started to cry," Yaya says. He adds that nothing was done and that the man was never caught. But he fears that eventually the city could destroy him and Deborah. I worry she may be exploited into drugs and prostitution," he says.

Refugee FAQs

As he tells his story, there are dozens of other young men and women, of African origin, congregated on the Piazza Garibaldi. Pointing to them he says: "I don't want to live like this. I'm fearing that I'll be left in Napoli. I want to keep moving and take Deborah to the US or Australia. Last week, a Catholic priest who helps refugees urged his fellow Africans not to turn their backs on their homeland. Don Mussie Seekinb said that people should think twice before making the perilous journey to Europe.