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As the EU Birth Research develops, links to its publications and outputs will be posted here.

Research article: Investigation of the use of thermography for research and clinical applications in pregnant women.
Read it here.

Research article: Assessing the performance of maternity care in Europe: a critical exploration of tools and indicators.
Read it here.

Publication policy: Method of ackowledging COST Action IS1405 in publications. Download the pdf here.

Inclusiveness policy: Notes on promoting inclusiveness in all COST Actions. Download the pdf here.


Izaskun García-Mantrana, Bibiana Bertua, Cecilia Martínez-Costa, Maria Carmen Collado, Perinatal nutrition: How to take care of the gut microbiota?. Clinical Nutrition Experimental, xxxx, 12 Feb 2016, ISSN 2352-9393,, pdf.

Carlos Gomez-Gallego, Izaskun Garcia-Mantrana, Seppo Salminen and María Carmen Collado, The human milk microbiome and factors influencing its composition and activity. Seminars in Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, 2016,

Mechthild M. Gross, Jean Calleja Agius, Maria Carmen Collado, Soo Downe, WG1 report, March 2016,, pdf.

Grigori Brekhman, Mirjana Sovilj, Dejan Raković, 1st International Congress on Psychological Trauma:

Prenatal, Perinatal & Postnatal Aspects, 2015,, pdf.

Olga Gouni, ARTfeeding the (un)born Baby. International Journal of Prental & Life Sciences, Vol1 Issue 1, July, 2017,, pdf.


Olga Gouni, Slobodan Sekulic and Anastasia Topalidou, The Contribution of Prenatal Psychology to Our Understanding about Prenatal Dynamics and Fetal Behaviour, Psychology Research, Volume 6, Number 12, December 2016, Serial Number 66. ISSN: 2159-5542. gouni in press.pdf

Djordje Petrovic, Aleksandar Kopitovic, Ivana Pericin-Starcevic, Miodrag Vujcic, Natasa Dragic, Olga Guoni, Anastasia Topalidou, Slobodan Sekulic. Guinea pig fetus does not change its presentation during second half of gestation. Slovenian Veterinary Research, 2017.

Anastasia Topalidou, Soo Downe, Oliver Christ, Fetal movements, a viral action with deficient assessment: implications for antenatal assessment of neurocognitive development and wellbeing. 21st Biennial Meeting of the International Society of Developmental Neuroscience: From stem cells to behavior in the normal and diseased nervous system (poster presentation) 11th-14th May 2016, Palais des Congres d’ Antibes Juan les Pins, France.

Anastasia Topalidou, Claudia Meier Magistretti, Unsilencing health in maternity care, from international qualitative data to objective physiological measurements: a salutogenic approach and a critical look. “International Forum for Health Promotion Research” (oral presentation) 28th-30th September 2016, Trondheim, Norway.

Anastasia Topalidou, “Fetal movements: a viral action with a deficient assessment. Are we deluding ourselves that we know what birth is? “Healthy Mothers-Happy Children: Neuroendocrinological and Psychosocial Approaches to pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood”, (presentation) 31st March 2016, European University of Cyprus (EUC).

Andria Spyridou, Eleni Hadjigeorgiou, “Healthy Mothers-Happy Children: Neuroendocrinological and Psychosocial Approaches to pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood” (presentation) 31st March 2016, European University of Cyprus (EUC).

Claudia Meier Magistretti Anastasia Topalidou, The face of salutogenesis: an interdisciplinary Swiss thermal imaging case report. Evidence Based Midwifery. Royal College of Midwives (15 (3). pp. 83-88. ISSN 1479-4489) 2017., abstract.


Ramón Escuriet-Peiró, Josefina Goberna-Tricas, Maria J Pueyo-Sanchez, Neus Garriga-Comas, Immaculada Úbeda-Bonet, Carmen Caja-López, Isabel Espiga-López, Vicente Ortún-Rubio, Impact of maternity care policy in Catalonia: a retrospective cross-sectional study of service delivery in public and private hospitals, 2015, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth,, pdf.

WG3 report, Jan 2017,, pdf.

WG3 Migrant women sub group update report, Mar 2017,, pdf.


WG4 report, April 2016,, pdf.

WG4 report, August 2016,, pdf.

Vi Jornadas Internacionais de Historia da psiquiatria e Saude Mental, 2016,, pdf

Eva Rydahl, Mette Juhl, Jetta Aaroe Clausen Quality assessment of patient leaflets on misoprostol-induced labour: does written information adhere to international standards for patient involvement and informed consent? BMJ, May 2016, (abstract).

Mario Santos, Where the thread of home births never broke – An interview with Susanne Houd. Women and Birth Volume 30, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 159-165,

Lucy Frith, New insights into socio-cultural phenomenon that contextualize labour and birth, including marginalized groups and migrant women, (PowerPoint) download.

COST Symposium in Toronto

Anna Seijmonsbergen-Schermers, Ank de Jonge, Thomas van den Akker, Katrien Beeckman, Annick Bogaerts, Monalisa Barros, Patricia Janssen, Lorena Binfa, Eva Rydahl, Lucy Frith,

Mechthild Gross, Berglind Hálfdánsdóttir, Deirdre Daly, Jean Calleja-Agius, Patricia Gillen,

Anne Britt Vika Nilsen, Eugene Declercq, Variations in childbirth interventions in high-income countries: protocol for a multinational cross-sectional study. BMJ Open, 2017,, pdf.


Neuro-psycho-social characteristics and effects of labour events. January 2017,, pdf.

Claudia Meier Magistretti, Soo Downe, Bengt Lindstrom, Marie Berg, Katharina Tritten Schwarz, Setting the Stage for Health: Salutogenesis in Midwifery Professional Knowledge in Three European Countries, International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, Dec 2016,, pdf.


Olga Gouni, Lola Ruiz Berdun, Liv Eide, Maria Kazmierczak, Jean Calleja-Agius, Karin Minnie, Jan 2017,, pdf.

WG6 report, May 2015,, pdf.



Meier Magistretti, ECI Think Tank (Sofia) Sept 2016,, pdf.

ECI report, March 2016,, pdf.

ECI report, September 2016,, pdf.


STSM user guide available to download here.

Anastasia Topalidou, Methods of physiological measurement and comparative description

of women’s wellbeing in different settings of maternity care, March 2016,, pdf.

Elena Skoko, How Are Babies Born? Ask the Mothers, Apr 2016,, pdf.

Dr. Tracey Cooper, Inventing Midwifery from Scratch. A Strategy for Improving Midwives’

Decision-Making in Bulgaria, Apr 2016,, pdf.

Sarah Church, The socio-cultural context of midwifery in the Czech Republic,, word document.

Maria Kazmierczak, Beginnings of empathic parenthod. June 2016, Centre for Child and Family Staudies, Leiden University, Netherlands, (presentation), pdf.

Elena Skoko, How Are Babies Born? Ask the Mothers, April 2016, Reserach in Health Unit, University of Central Lancashire,, word document.

Carol Kingdon, Socio-cultural factors that influence rates of unnecessary caesarean section: Preparatory work for a qualitative evidence synthesis to support WHO Guideline Development. November 2016,, pdf.

Jörn Rittweger, Slobodan Sekulic, Polyhydramnios and development and mineralisation of the bone. November 2015., word document.

Sunita Panda, Caesarean section in primparous women: Swedish clinicians perspectives of factors influencing decisoon-making process, Sept 2015,, pdf.

Lilian Peters, STSM Report October 2015,, pdf.

Kleopatra Alamantariotou, Cecily Begley, Innovation Technology and Health, Sept 2015,, word document.

Eva Hendrych Lorenzová, Community Midwifery Care in Great Britain and in The Czech Republic, Oct 2016,

Maria Healy, A detailed exploration of the organisation of home birth services in The Netherlands, towards knowledge transition and development of home birth services in Ireland, Sept 2016

STSM Repport, January 2017,, pdf.

Iloana Neshkova, Unpacking Complications: Midwifery Care for Pregnant Women with Presumed Risk, Nov 2016.

Maria Jesús Pueyo, Policies and practices to improve in the field of obstetric interventions, Oct 2016., pdf.

Stella Villarmea, Kenny Fynlaison, Carol Kingdon, Gill Thomson, Training in Qualitative Research Methodology and Analytical Framework. July 2017,, pdf.

Lucy Frith, Lea Takacs, Deconstructing the concept ‘satisfaction with intrapartum care’ – a critical interpretative synthesis of the literature. July 2017,, pdf.

STSM Report, November 2017,, pdf.

Maeve O’Connell, Collaboration on fear of childbirth. British Journal of Midwifery, December 2017,, pdf.

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    I’d like to know if it is possible to attend the event in Paris 29-30 of September as public. I am an independent researcher based in Barcelona doing ethnographic fieldwork on childbirth.
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