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View Full Version : Advice Prostitution curacao mouth is all wet at one looking. Hi folks Wet may we worrying mouth nothing but I noticed that the hair on one side of his mouth is wet. Is this okay? Has he just had a drink? If his mouth is wet from saliva he probably has sharp spurs on his molar teeth.

These will eventually scratch into the tongue or cheeks for I would advise best prostitutes in batley to take your Rabbit to the Vet to see if he requires Dental treatment. I dont think he had a drink but guess it could be he just seems a bit quiet. I havent seen him eat yet, but I will try him with some veg. Janex Thank you, I will get him to the vet tomorrow.

Anything else I should look out for with him?

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He has never had trouble with his teeth. If you rub the wetness between your fingers does it feel like water or does it feel slimey like saliva? Also have a sniff at it sorry, gross :oops: saliva has a certain smell to pooking whereas water is odourless. I was just about to say about the spurs, you'll be amazed how quick they can form.

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Thank you, I will get him to the vet tomorrow. For today just make sure he is taking in enough food to keep his tum working. Giving him water in a bowl is also helpful as if his tongue is sore using a sipper bottle may hurt. Gave him grated carrot but not interested in it. What now? Spurs can form very quickly and a few months is quite a long time for a bunny.

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If a rabbit has a wet mouth then wet certainly needs dental treatment and your bunny will need a general anaesthetic to be able to fully assess the problem. A conscious examination is not enough. A rabbit's mouth should be dry inside like our mouths are, the mouth is obviously moist, but not wet. You must syringe feed your bunny 10mls food at mouth 5 times daily. If for not eaten for a while wett may find he'll take looking then 10 mls the first time, then maybe not quite 10mls the next time.

Sex greenburgh chat room ensure your bunny gets plenty of fluids.

Looking for wet mouth

Syringe water, as much as he'll take. You cant over water him as he'll just wee more if he gets too much!

So assuming your rabbit weighs 3Kg, thats mls water in 24 hours. That gives you an idea of how mucch you need to get into him.

Thank you for your advice. I wet seen him eat, escort duluth ga his mouth is quite wet on one side. I will take him to the vet tomorrow, what wet I suggest to them? It depends how for savvy your vet is. Tell your vet pure hearted person your aware a rabbit's mouth should be moist, but not actually wet and certainly not dribbling.

If a rabbit is drbbling it is due to dental discomfort. Explain this to the vet and maybe suggest a general anaesthetic for check his mouth. Xrays would also be a good idea to check the state of his tooth roots. The longer you leave it the more risky anaesthetic is cos your rabbit looking become more and more ill from not eating. Where do you live? Im in Scotland. Should I mouth it as an emergency today or can I leave it until tomorrow morning?

Do you have any metacam? If poss then take him today for pain loooking and then you can take him back tomorrow for dental unless they will do that today but they may charge a mouth to do it today. If money is moutth issue, maybe take him today for pain relief, syringe feed at home, then take him back tomorrow for dental. Let me know if you have metacam. I did have metacam but looking find any just now, so prob best if I take him today.

Is that ok? I think that sounds a fair comment by your vet. Wett mybe isnt a lot they can do today and they wont consider it an emergency.

Looking for wet mouth

Will they let you go today to get pain relief tho? Rabbit's should be just moist in their mouths, the same way we are, if they dribble its cos something is wrong. Its not normal.

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Best thing to do is syringe feed and water as much as he'll for today to help keep his tummy looking as normally as poss, in preperation wet lookingg op tomorrow. Ensure that they send him home on adequate pain sex personals ballarat. Best of luck!! Hi again Its easier to use a 1ml syringe if you have one. You oooking mush down his pellets with warm water, although i think you'll find them hard to syringe feed bits will get stuck in the tip of the syringe!

If you normally feed your bunny veg, then the best thing is to liquidise the veg down mouth some water. You will still need to syringe water in as i explained the importance of this earlier, but by adding water to the veg before liquidising, it will make it easier to syringe fee him and also help you get water into him.

Looking for wet mouth

New exeter mature escort as much as he will take but be warned - U cannot force him wet actually swallow. Put the syringe into his mouth just behind his incisor teeth and point the syringe looking the back of his mouth. Press the plunger slowly as you do not want to force food through at lightening speeds and make him choke!

Your aiming for around 10mls per feed mluth at least 5 feeds daily but if for takes more, all the better. Again, as i wdt earlier, you may find he takes more the first feed and not so much on the second. If he mouth swallow, there isnt much you can do about it.

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Certainly dont keep syringing more as you could do more harm than good. Phone your vet. The best position to have your bun in is infront of you, then you can lean over him to syringe.

Bunnies will look quite well in themselves to begin with, but after a few days they suddenly go downhill and become very sick. Dont be fooled by him seeming well in himself. Much appreciated!!! All rights reserved.