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Presov to Kosice, Slovakia The view from half way up the third of today's four big climb Starting out in Presov. Turning away from where I had ridden before. Climbing, heading over that ridge you see in the background.

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A tou je Tak ako to dnes tipujete? A jednou z nich jeeee Verte mi. Jump to. Accessibility Help. Log In. Forgot ? Not Now. Information about Insights Data. To ste len zle natrafili Continue Reading. You just came across wrong Hello friends, readers, fans of our work. To begin with, I would like to thank you all for your favor, which keeps growing and also for being a great community and showing us your feedback by liking, sharing and very often by phone or personal contact.

Thank you all. If so, take a break and read. Today I will answer another question that I get really often.

What did we really do? slovakia is a landlocked nation in central europe. hot babe Josephine

And that is: Are they still turning kilometers? It's not done today, Laterr often hear from the mouth of orem ut milf personals gullible Hm, I'd like to agree, but it's not possible. The reality of the market convinces me quite regularly, so I thought I'd take you to one of the checks once again. And it will be just about kilometers Our client looked at the offer of the Slovak Soovakia A6 market in the wagon version.

With a 3,0 TDi engine, imported from Germany, beautiful photos in advertisement, great description as always and especially incredibly tempting and service book supported by 59 km at a very good price. The car has a fresh plate and as often happens, the VIN is missing in the advertisement. This is often not a coincidence, but an intention I'm looking through the ad and I'm telling my client openly that it looks amazing, but the whole combination of parameters comes almost like a miracle.

It's done.

Looking for some slovakia fun later today

Arriving at the agreed time, in the morning. I am not at this seller for the first time and as always, despite the agreement of my arrival in the bazaar is closed.

It is time to make some life changes. Slovakia? Here I come! - Placement Slovakia Internship Programme

I'll be there in a while, getting an answer and so I'm waiting After 20 minutes I waited. Let's do it then. I don't see the dealership for the first time, straight up taking my car keys and getting to work. This upscale toronto escorts, I'm going a little differently in terms of the control procedure.

Looking for some slovakia fun later today

Because I know what kilometers these cars drive in average for a year, so the mileage figure on the display counter literally puts me in the eye. I'll waco escorts asian up focus on their realities because that's where I smell the most and if they're okay, then I'll climb the car from top to bottom, front to back. Audi is very nice to look at. Bodywork varnish looks great, really comes with the impression that the car is driven very little, no operational abrasions, dents, optical flaws Opening doors, interior is also very well preserved, clean and smelling.

But not by fragrant tree or refresher, rather by deep cleaning. I touch the steering wheel, detailing its wreath, grooming, perforation of leather in exposed places It's basically lost there, ts of leather on the edges of sewing are also worn out far more than I'd expect. Looks good on the eye, but definitely not on the 59 km mentioned in the details. First trail to be alert. The interior impression is probably excellent for a layman, no damage or s of disproportionate wear, which would open your eyes.

But the whole interior will come to me like how to say it? I don't know, one just has to feel with touch, senses, know how to perceive the structure of plastic, skin, fabric, have something to compare with Just no, I don't think. Gentle changes on the surface of materials caused by use, I somehow do not believe it for 59 km, even though it is not really anything to reproach.

Meanwhile, I will physically take care of the car and its condition towards the kilometers mentioned, I'm taking pictures of the VIN and sending it to the selected partners for verification. Minnesota escort especially interested in whether there's even a single record of kilometers from abroad somewhere. I don't care about the state in Slovakia at this moment.

I check the wear of selected components, such as brake discs fir non-original.

Not only front but also rear. At 59 km? Also tires. Two years old, ificantly worn out. Nonsense to these km. Yes, it is, but without records. I choose diagnosis and I know the truth will come straight to the table now. Hop or trop? I am cheap independent escorts ajax in the state of the km in the main control unit, anyone who deals with it can rewrite it.

I'm one step further and know where and how to look. Sorry friends, but this is an area I won't describe here, I'm sure you understand why Loading data. I got it.

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What I knew. The real condition of kilometers is about This would fit me completely to the age and type of car. The end I'm disconnecting. But I acknowledge that the car and the outside looks like the eye so that the layman would be willing to believe it quickly.

Looking for some slovakia fun later today

I guess what's behind it. Out of curiosity, I choose the measuring machine.

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Yes, both sides of the car and front hood are painted. And no, not because he's had a car repair after an accident. It's just a new varnish that gives the car extra look, shine to look like those km on the speedometer display. Meanwhile, I'm getting from online clearance soe the mail.

Nothing interesting together except for one figure from Germany. But I don't need more, that's key. After three years of running a car in Germany from the date of sale when it was new, it had kilometers! Another 3 years have passed since then Well beauty. So I wasn't wrong. Packing things up and going to the dealership maine female escorts a bit of speech.

This tactically waits and asks just a simple question: So what's up? I put the keys on the table and slvoakia the ceiling: Nice centric.

Not even trying to deny or play dead bug. He already knows me. He was just waiting for me to figure it out or not. I ,ooking at him and ask with a completely serious face: Is it not dumb to you anymore? What do you think - he asks like nothing. Well, I think I'm making a third car for you during the quarter of a year and again twisted? Do you only have all these coils?

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He laughs and shrugs his shoulders. Not at all. You just got it wrong It looks around the yard of the bazaar and stretches its hand after a while. See that brown Superb?