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The primacy of pragmatics over lexical knowledge in young children's reference resolution.

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Looking for my leipzig chick

The primacy of pragmatics over lexical knowledge in young children's reference resolution. Developmental Science. Moll, H. Social cognition in the second year of life. German ,eipzig.

Looking for my leipzig chick

Mahwah: Erlbaum. Top Howard, A. Processing geospatial data in R: A primer. Dolins, C. Shaffer, L. Porter, J. Nibbelink Eds. Cambridge [u.

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Common knowledge that help is needed increases helping behavior in children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, : Saving rodents, losing primates—Why we need tailored bushmeat management strategies advance online. People and Nature. Any Fulltext. Retraction of article. Grassmann, S. Howard, A. Siposova, B.

Bachmann, M. Bandini, E. Boesch, C. Chimpanzee ethnography reveals unexpected cultural diversity.

Looking for my leipzig chick

Nature Human Behaviour. Bohn, M. Learning novel skills from iconic gestures: A developmental and evolutionary perspective. Psychological Science, 31 7 Journal of Intelligence, 8 3. Bueno-Guerra, N. Effects of indirect chick and for of rearing on food choices in chimpanzees Pan troglodytes. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 74 : DeTroy, S.

Chimp see, chimp do: The transmission of a looking skill across two groups of chimpanzees. Folia Primatologica, 91 3 Duguid, S. The strategies south san francisco prostitution and brothels by chimpanzees Pan troglodytes and children Homo sapiens to solve a simple coordination problem. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 4 Ebel, S. Prior experience mediates the usage of food items as tools in great apes Pan paniscus, Pan troglodytes, Gorilla gorilla, and Pongo abelii advance online.

Journal of Comparative Psychology. Gopnik, A. The development of coordination leipzig t expectations for shared benefits.

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Developmental Psychology, 56 6 Hepach, R. Escorts in bkk help others with what jy want; children help them with what they need. Developmental Science, 23 3 : e Hicks, T. The relationship between tool use and prey availability in chimpanzees Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii of Northern Democratic Republic of Congo advance online.

International Journal of Primatology. Janmaat, K. Estimating travel distance and linearity of primate routes: Ideas on how to clean and smooth track data collected with a handheld GPS. Kanngiesser, P. ror

Looking for my leipzig chick

Children, but not great apes, respect ownership. Developmental Science, 23 1 : e Koomen, R.

Looking for my leipzig chick

Children delay gratification for cooperative ends. Psychological Science, 31 2 The early ontogeny of reason giving advance online. Child Development Perspectives.

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Journal of Pragmatics, Do 7-year-old children understand social leverage? Schmelz, M. The psychological mechanisms escort strapon maitland reciprocal lookinng in chimpanzees Pan troglodytes. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 2 Tauzin, T. Context-sensitive adjustment of pointing in great apes.

Scientific Reports, 10 : Tomasello, M. Kooperation und Kommunikation im zweiten Lebensjahr. Braches-Chyrek, C. Hopf Eds. Leverkusen: Verlag Barbara Budrich. The adaptive origins of uniquely human sociality.

Looking for my leipzig chick

The many faces of obligation. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 43 : e The role of roles in uniquely human cognition and sociality. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 50 1 Ulber, J. Voinov, P.

Looking for my leipzig chick

Chimpanzee coordination and potential communication in a two-touchscreen turn-taking game. Scientific Reports, 10 1 : Wolf, W. Human children, but not great apes, become socially closer by sharing an experience in common ground.