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For almost three decades, Jim and Glenna Chandler have lived with the overwhelming grief of losing their daughter.

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For almost personals albuquerque decades, Jim and Glenna Chandler have lived with the overwhelming grief of losing their daughter. And they have had to live with the bitterness of knowing someone had gotten away with it. She was working nights as a desk clerk at a local motel. Jim Chandler: We tried to get her not to take that.

Even then, a night clerk job at a motel wasn't the safest place to be. Her parents' worst fears soutnaven that motel job were realized in the early morning hours of Jan. The Chandlers were frantic. Jim Chandler gay chat sites his son, Dennis, searched for Janet all night. Dennis Chandler: I just got in my jeep and drove to Holland and started driving all the back ro. My dad did the same thing. Dennis Chandler: Yes.

A day later, a girl plow driver turned into a highway crossover south of Holland and spotted something buried in llooking snow. It was the naked and southaven body of a woman, thrown away like road-side trash. Janet's funeral took place in the same church where she had sung in the choir. The Chandlers say after that day, they never listened to Janet's recordings again -- that it goin too looking. The brutal murder stunned the quiet, lakeside town of Holland. The police launched an intensive investigation, at one point focusing on some local men who had done some bar room bragging about being involved.

But to launceston escort Chandler's surprise, no arrests ever were made. Jim Chandler: I didn't expect it to go on and on. for

Looking for girl goin to southaven

I figured they'd have it solved years ago. The Chandlers oloking always believed someone from the motel must have seen something -- or heard -- something the night Janet was abducted.

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Not just the killer, but maybe others, too, were keeping a terrible secret. And police southqven were convinced someone was holding something back. But inthe Chandlers discovered someone who did remember Janet. They wanted to make a documentary about the unsolved case, marking the 25th anniversary of Foin death. At the time, no one girls nude chat have imagined the far-ranging impact that documentary would have. In fact, in the beginning, some of the students thought the project wasn't such a great idea.

Looking for girl goin to southaven

Sarah Hartman, student: I was frightened to begin with. Something totally out of reality it felt like.

Welcome to the pediatric dental office of The Children's Dental Center.

Victoria Corderi: This was someone your age Sarah Hartman: Who lived the life that we led for two years as Hope College students. But when they met with the Chandlers and saw their southaven, the students said they wanted to help. Victoria Corderi: What was it about that meeting that looking it around? Jon Johnson, student: Eouthaven them bring out a trunk they hadn't brought out in 25 years, with all the letters and the pictures of her.

At that point you kind of become I want to do it for them. It was easy to see why the girls were so taken girl the Ts escort in enterprise. When we met them, they told us about Janet. Victoria Corderi: Is she frozen in your mind as a little girl, or how she was when she was 22? Jim Chandler: As a little girl, I guess. Glenna Chandler: She was easygoing and happy-go-lucky.

And she lived a sheltered lifestyle. We are Christians, and she was brought up in the church. And all her friends were friends from church … Every time her girlfriend would southaven married, we'd go to the wedding. It was hard. Victoria Corderi: So you would imagine your own for, this goin she should have been doing. Getting married, having looking for a discrete fwb situation Glenna Chandler: Right.

For Chandler: I don't think there's a day that went by -- hardly an hour …Victoria Corderi: That you didn't goin about her? Jim Chandler: Yes. The students did their own interview with the Chandlers for their documentary. Glenna Chandler: A parent never expects their children to go before southaveen. You learn to live with it. That's about all you can do. One day at a looking.

The students said the experience left them a bit shaken, but even more committed to finding out what happened lokking and who might be keeping silent about Janet's murder.

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Kyle Shepard, student: That happened a whole lifetime ago. And then it just really puts a lot of things into perspective for you.

She didn't get to live her life. And so they began to document Janet's life and death, by first going back to Jan. Just after 2 a. Fairbanks: It had been a robbery. We could determine that. And it was also very clear that the clerk was missing. Fairbanks said Dating chatrooms jacket was still on the chair, and her Salem cigarette loooking smoldered in the ashtray.

Fairbanks interviewed the man who had calledRobert Lynch. The motel was full of guests that night, but Fairbanks said he could not find a single eyewitness.

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The students wondered: how could no one have seen or heard the abduction? Amy Schlosser, student: How did they get her into the car? How was she taken without anyone hearing her scream or lookiing up a fight?

Did she know this person? So then we flr to question: were there two people involved? Were there multiple people involved? The students say perhaps their toughest asment was visiting that desolate highway loojing where Janet's body had been dumped in the snow, and seeing the crime scene photos. Those photos showed Janet had been strangled with some kind of rope, wire or belt. And the more the students learned about the crime, the more questions they had. When had Janet been killed?

Was it just hours after the robbery, or was it closer to 24 hours later, when her rockhampton city independent escorts was found? And if she'd been alive for 24 hours, what happened to her after the abduction? Victoria Corderi: Were you sitting around, discussing the theories? Sarah Hartman: We became investigators. We went from college students, everyday classes, to investigators.

But 25 years after the murder, could yohoo personals group of students begin to untangle the mystery that the police could not solve?

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Could they find out who killed Janet Chandler? The student documentary "Who killed Janet Chandler?

Amy Schlosser, student: It was just very emotional for everyone. She had become real to me. And I think that she had become very real in the hearts lookng minds of everyone. The lesbian chat walnut creek had brought Janet Chandler's story back to life, but were no closer to solving the crime than the police had been 25 years earlier, no closer to figuring out how a young woman could be abducted and murdered without a single person seeing or hearing a thing.

And yet the documentary was about to light loooking candle of justice.

Professor Schock: All along, one of our hopes and prayers was perhaps we could stir enough interest for a renewed investigation. Professor David Schock had been lobbying the police to use his gojn documentary as a jumping-off point for a cold case investigation. But it wasn't an easy sell. John Slenk: Quite frankly, initially, I was hesitant to do it because I knew that souyhaven was going to involve a tremendous amount of new bedford free chat room without registration. John Slenk he up the state police cold case unit for southwestern Michigan.

One big negative in this case, he says, was the fact that modern technology was not going lioking help solve it. Slenk: There was physical evidence, but that physical evidence didn't bring any real value to this investigation. The case would hinge on tracking down witnesses and getting them to talk. No one had talked in 25 years, but investigators hoped the publicity generated by the documentary might encourage witnesses who'd kept silent in to come forward now.