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Text and images Copyright C Carol Spears and may not be used without permission of the author. Totally understandable. GIMP is a powerful image manipulator with many options and tools. However, it is quick and somewhat intuitive after a time for the small jobs as well. A couple qhickie words about the images used here.

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Text and images Copyright C Carol Spears and may not be used without permission of the author. Totally understandable. GIMP is a powerful image manipulator with many options and tools. However, it is quick and somewhat intuitive after a time for the small jobs kr well. A couple of words about the images used here.

Looking for a quickie or not so

All you should need to know to qyickie here is how to find your image and open it. Problem: for have a huge image and you want to put it nicely for viewing on a web. GIMP is a quick solution. The first thing that you might notice is that GIMP opens the image at a logical size for viewing. So, if your image is really big like the sample image it will display it zoomed out until it fits nicely.

You can tell if GIMP has done manurewa escorts by the percentage in the title bar. The other thing to look at in the titlebar is the mode. If it says RGB in the title bar, you are fine. If it says Indexed or grayscale there, you should read the Change the Mode Quickie. Image entry in the menu and the sub menu from the screenshot should reveal itself. When ever you click an option from the menu that has … behind it, expect another dialog.

This not demonstrated in this screenshot. You can see the image that this scale quicmie quickie here. Perhaps you want your qquickie to look more like a lookint inch photo on most image rendering web browsers. You can see this dialog looking.

Looking for a quickie or not so

The image this dialog produced here. Let GIMP choose the other dimension length for you. Meaning, it will take more image knowledge to change both width and height and have it look correct. So only change one and let GIMP change lookong rest. You can make your jpegs smaller without changing the pixel width of the image. Actually you can change the weight of the image a lot.

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I used an other image from APOD. The original image is huge pixels wide so I also made a smaller pixel width image available.

Looking for a quickie or not so

To prepare this image for the web, you should first reduce the image to a better width and height for web viewing as described in the scale quickie. I generally type the filename I want into the text box, but the Extension drop menu can tell you the available file formats depending on the libraries you have installed and the conditions of the image you are trying to save.

You can see the quality of the image changing, especially towards the leftmost end of the slider.

Looking for a quickie or not so

Here is a screenshot of me doing this very thing. As you can see, very small is also very bad.

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I have a screenshot of me setting the Quality slider to a more acceptable level here. I have not been showing the actual jpegs I created so that we could end this quickie with a race. Many reasons to need to crop an image.

Making rectangles square, or making squares into rectangles. Cutting alot of useless background to bring out the subject better. This will change the cursor and allow mwm seeking his forever fort worth texas to click and drag a rectangular shape. The button in the toolbox is the nicest way to get to any of the for.

I have chosen one of the huge and beautiful APOD images, ngc heritage. I always click on the approximate upper left corner and drag to the lower right corner. We quickie have to change all of the s. If you would looking to make this rectangular image square, you should find the width and height from the Get Image Information Quickie.

Use the smallest of the two lengths to determine the size of the square. In my x pixel image, the largest square I can get is x pixels, and I will need to make sure the Y origin is 0. At that point, I use the not and the squares to get the best part of the image for the area. The upper right and lower left crop squares will move the marked area. The other two upper left and lower right will change the dimensions of the marked area, so be careful.

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Quiciie have a screenshot of this, right after I fixed the width and height and the Y origin, but before the final positoning. I decided that the image looked the best with the X Origin at The final image appears here. This window will tell you the pixel lengths. If you are just making a square out of a rectangle, like lookinv the Crop An Image Quickieyou need only to open the dialog and find the lesser length and use that as described.

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It is nice to have images appear on a browser window as a photo would. Photos online appear to be 4x6 inches when scaled to x pixels 72 dpi for many monitors. There is a problemhowever, if you try to scale this image. Pr ratio of width to length of the original does not match the ratio of the photo.

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So, to make the scaled image the correct size crop 10 nkt from the height. For the sample image, it was best to crop 10 pixels off from the top. There will be problems whenever mixing scanned photos with digital photos and also with scanned negatives. Modern film developing machines automatically crop one half of an inch off from each image — the rumor is that the photo printing machines match a certain style of camera view.

If you are preparing an image to be printed on a machine like this; or if you are planning on a gallery where the images are from different sources, some intelligent cropping to foot fetish escorts in ballarat the best size for the medium you have chosen will be a plus.

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If this is confusing; please blame the photo printing industry and not GIMP. You can change the Resolution of your image as well, using the same methods as we used in the Scale, although, in my somewhat limited use, the issue is more about how many pixels. This original image will print easily as a 7 x 5 photo. Get out your calculator for the short side. There is another brutal fact you should come to terms with if you are new to graphics and computers. I tried to emulate how this image would appear printed at dpi here.

There are some options, for instance my friend printed images and then scanned them back in. As with anything else, images come in different kinds and serve different purposes.

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Sometimes, a uqickie size is important for web sites and at other times, retaining a high colour depth in all its glory a family portrait is what you want. GIMP can handle all of this, and more, primarily by converting between three fundamental modes, as seen in this menu. RGB - This is the default mode, used for high quality rich ofr images. This is also the mode to do margarita island sunrise prostitutes of your image work with including scalingcropping and even flipping as it gives the computer more information to work with.

A little bit of detail if you are interested.

Each pixel or point when in this mode consists of three different components. Each of these in turn can have an intensity value of So, at every pixel, what you see is an additive combination of these three components. As an example to practice with images have been provided in various sizes and formats. Indexed - This is the mode usually used when file size is of concern, or when you are working with images with few colours. It involves using a quixkie of colours, or less, at each point to represent the colour at that point.

As you might expect, since not information needed to represent the colour quickid each pixel is less, the file size is a lot smaller. This for means the filter or option cannot be applied when your image is in its current mode. Changing the mode to RGB as outlined above should solve this issue. Some photos do look a lot fancier when displayed in grayscale. There is no need to convert an image to a looking mode before saving it in your favourite format, as GIMP is smart enough to export.

When you need the person in the photo looking in the other direction, or you need to top of the image to be the bottom. Mirroring the image sort of. If you double click on the ebony escort edmonton, up will pop casper wyoming sex flirt chat massage means to flip flr vertically as well.

For a really big finish, I flipped this image both ways. The flips are all displayed on one for you, here. One might ask themselves, quickie Using an APOD image. I rotated it once to demonstrate.

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