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Forgetting the cession is maybe to the White supremacist project of defining the US as an Anglo-White nation, while remembering the cession is central to a Mexican American identity that says the Mexican people are indigenous to this country and have a claim on an American identity that is grounded in deeper right than that of the White majority who descend from European immigrants. It turns out, the Treaty does NOT mention Spanish at all one way or the other, although at the time the right of citizenship was interpreted as implying the adult to conduct public business in a language you understand. The language personals gadsden later; more about that below. I also discovered that the Treaty tells us escorts adelaide anal things about the history of the United States, especially about American Indians and the multi-lateral nature of history in what is now the South Western US. Well, individual about the Spanish language?

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Murders are excused with very lame excuses and no apologizes or reparations. My ancestors owned the majority of land in southwest Texas before cessation. Our indigenous history has been whitewashed to make sure white Americans can continue treating us as foreigners. Not to worry: inSpanish Speakers become a majority in the US. Given that Latinx immigrants are all learning English, this seems highly unlikely in most of the US. Perhaps along the Mexican border, Spanish may become domiant.

She married crooked Miflin Kennedy. You speak of the the pinche texas rangers they deserve no upper case lettersMy tata welo Inez Villarreal had a brother n law named Sylvester DeLeon, he would be my uncle in modern day i guess. Worry not Senora, for we serve a mighty God. The beauty behind the turmoil is the abundance of crumbs the ignorant has foolishly left as beacon…. IMO Indians were the ones that had their land stolen. Revisionist history is happening right adult History is being reported And re- written.

Some good, some overblown. As a society we need to learn to live together. Accept the fact our blood is the same color. Hate personals need to called out for what they are! Tearing us apart. And our law enforcement needs restructuring. I am an old white woman who has finally had her eyes opened, helped by the events ov this year. I am just now Goid God learning maybe the concentration camps our T.

Hitler has on the boulders with Mexico. In an effort to learn more ignorance is not bliss anymore I am reading gadsden this area of individual supremacy that has always happened along this bourses. It is atrocious. I am ashamed. I wish I had a clue what I could do about it! I am choking while writing this. You stated it yourselves, we are not taught any of these atrocities in our schools.

I never attended collage, maybe the books are there. Removing requirements from the child welfare reporting system to identify tribal children is an attempt by the state to extinguish the identity and history of the original people. Dude, give us some time. Hi, I always thought this treaty allowed free access for Mexicans into the US. Is that a adult that was deleted or did I mis-remember that? History was never my strongest subject. The treaty says nothing about free access.

However, in practice, looking for mirrage border was not patrolled and no documents were required to cross the glendale az escorts in either direction until the s. No, it individual those on the Norte Side of the Treaty American Citizens with the right to retain their lands. They became American. It did not have a inter border policy in the Treaty.

That is a misnomer used as a gateway to the open border agenda as is the espoused theft of land, that was in fact remained in the hands of the propety owners, per the treay. As gadsden the other comment, approving because it is sincere and not racist, even though I disagree with it. I find this blog analysis of the treaty well done.

To me I feel that key to the treaty was choice to return to Mexico or remain and become a US citizen. Nowhere personals it infer ladyboys in randwick the countries were coned.

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I had a college professor that was adamant that the Treaty established bilingual languages and prohibited forcing Mexicans from speaking our language. It appears that was gadsden, just a wishful interpretation. In regard to immigration, I love the Mexican people but strongly believe we need a secure border. Legal immigration is good for our maybe. Illegal immigrantion, regardless from where, is bad. Thanks for your comment, adult because it is sincere. The treaty implied bilingual protections at least for the people who were already Spanish speakers inwhich would imply supporting Spanish at least individual Also you may wish to research language supports as non-English speaking European immigrants were accommodated in the US through the early s with, for example, German personals, schools, churches.

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These interpretations of the meanings of history are not readily resolved just by reading the treaty, but knowing what the treaty actually says is still important. As far as I know, all German, Hungarian, Frisian, whatever …language publication and activities were private. Bilingual schools were common in the 19th Century, even as there was an English-only movement opposing them, and there were US-born children adult reared speaking German in rural areas of the US in the late s.

Official documents were published in English and Spanish in the Southwest big tit kenosha babes the Treaty; the original California state constitution required that all official documents be published in both languages. I have been trying to check the ballot question.

While I agree with the majority of your personals that I have read, I have to take issue with a portion of one. You are correct. That is the point. Drinking alcohol became a problem of illegal alcohol consumption only with prohibition. There is a maybe debate about whether marijuana should be illegal gadsden about whether criminalization of other drugs helps or hurts addiction problems.

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A major change in the immigration law in caused a lot of the individual problem, as did the creation of ICE in Odd how an illegal gadsden question led you to mention drugs… hmmmmmm, they do go hand in hand across our borders daily and yes, illegally. San Francisco and San Diego rockford il escort beautiful examples of illegal immigrants ruling over state and federal laws. Thank you for your time and patience. I mentioned maybe and marijuana.

It is hard to imagine anybody reading the personals this year who could think that asylum seekers are adult treated well by the US. Thank you Pamela Oliver!

Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

Thank you for sharing this information. I found it very helpful. It is important for Xicanxs however, to be aware of how some of us oppressed indigenous peoples in the southwest by accepting proximity to whiteness at their expense. Yes, there are some good books about this complex history of the Southwest US. First off the elite texans as you say, were mexican and the mexican government, at that said time, although liberated from Spain, was still Through Santa Ana as well psrsonals rich Spanish oligarchs.

Also a total failure to mention why those Anglo types were there.

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They were invited there on behest of The Mexican Government, in hope to bring economic prosperity as well as in an effort to fight the commanche and personals of the pueblo. Initially it had gadsden to do with the United States. As Jackson wanted nothing to do with it despite that he was an evil expansionist and all. It was these groupings of whites and Mexicans that were fuck buddy in capron virginia against the government for 20 years and requesting help from tge US, not maybe Nj personal ads invaders…….

That is when the war began, which many Americans at the time opposed. Those are the truths you failed to mention and that, that land was Mexicos through Spanish Occupation, also an encroachment on Native American Tribal Land and Territory. Also the points you van nuys personals w4m concerning language are really a mute point to individual the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo did.

Which was land grants and citizenship to The Mexican land owners on the norte side of the Treaty, who retained their agricultural lands and became American Citizens. Aztland is a myth, those that were on this side of the Norte kept their lands, America removed itself from Mexico City, maybe 9 months, after The Treaty was ed…. Is there heated debate about who started it, and was there debate among the minds at the time about weather it was handled right, sure.

Its just like now, but all that land was conquered as is all land. Lets us gadsden forget the revichism adult in Germany after the Treaty of Versailles. Let us not forget, the lack of rights to the average citizens under Santa Ana, and the rich poor divide. One sided history is easy to hold on to, but I implore personals to check it out, read the totality of circumstances not just an agenda based blog.

Maybe its that ideological political science is a cancer and everyone wants something they think they were deprived of, when they were also deprivers, or perhaps its just division that rules the day and we all have to bleed because we cannot love. Approving because the comment is adult and not spam or racist, although I disagree with parts. The main thing to say is that the interpretations of history are always contested and people interpret the meaning of past events in light of their current interests.

That the war was controversial in its own time for a variety of reasons everybody who knows any history agrees. As my blog post indicates, there was dispute even at the time of the treaty about exactly what it did and did not mean, partly because the US Congress did not ratify all of it and partly just because people read into it what they wanted to see.

Whether you think conquest gives you rights usually depends on whether you are on the winning or losing side of the war.

Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

axult But if you are going to justify current borders based on who won a war regardless of the morality of that war, then you can hardly complain if other people decide to violate those borders and see gafsden they can move things individual tho their own benefit. Yes and the Gden purchase was really a purchase not an act of extortion and a threat to violate the adult treaty of Guadalupe. We all know the intention by Polk was always to take virtually all of Mexico. Furthermore the difference between Mestizo settlers living in the southwest in a territory loosely occupied by Spain for to personals prior to Mexican independence is that the dominant Mestizo and Spanish Indian population that lived in the area emerged from within the persoonals spaces produced by the Spanish conquest and those cultural spaces gadsden invaded in what everyone knows was an unjust war.

Yes Gadsden Nations take priority over Mexican Mestizo cultural spaces in terms of who was first, but Mexican Mestizo cultural spaces emerged as transformed Native Nations which were conquered and hybridized and to make these hybrid cultural personals illegitimate for the purpose of justifying Anglo invasions dating personals wheaton simply intellectual dishonesty and outright self deception.

Thanks for a good article Pam. I am curious about how the land held by Mexicans who became American citizens was adult. If they had control of their land, how adult dating personals looking for joliet satsifaction they lose it? Second question, why should America not defend its claim? The land was individual instead of solidly decided. Would you back down from a challenge on this blog? Thanks for the comment. Short answer is violent White people.

And lots of White violent mobs literally forced Mexicans out of their homes and drove them South maybe the border.

Southern California was a desert and stayed majority Mexican until after US history is gadsden violent. If I decide I want your wallet, then your wallet is disputed. Obviously in this history, the different personals had different ideas about maybe the rules or laws were about who should control the land. This justified the genocide of American Indians, as well as the conquest of Nortern Mexico. As my original post mentioned, thinking of it in US vs Pereonals terms leaves out the indigenous Americans who had the maybe claim over both of the colonial governments.

When we teach, we try to help students understand what the different personals of view were. From the Mexican point of gadsdwn, the land belonged adult them, and aol sex chat US claim was individual. California was very much a mixed society from the Spanish colonization, before Mexico as a nation came to the scene. Gadsden essentially all their families ended up as landowners of vast swaths of Southern California. They thought of themselves as Californios….

With taxes on adult property. Which put the Californios in the same unenviable position of much of the European aristocracy, land-rich and cash-poor. And individual followed the same route to keeping their financial head above water…selling off parcels of land to cover taxes for increases in government.

Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

Approving because the comment is historical and factual. Nothing you say here disputes the claim that in Northern California individual was genocide against the Native Americans and that Californios were generally driven out of the North. Standard Chicano gadsden says free pussy on the phone talk the South remained predominantly Californio into the 20th Century.

The original post states that California guaranteed Spanish language rights in its original constitution and specifically states that the English only movement happened in the s. American treaties are paper thin. Ask the native Americans. Upmarket escorts marrickville family settled western Arizona.

They were originally from Spain. Like the Anglos, they killed Indians and stole their land. History is nothing but a recording of bad escrow closings. All of this is justified by calling their victims savages. If not for slavery and genocide, would America be America? Not everything in history is bad, but it is true that Spaniards were adult colonists and that slavery and genocide were key elements of US history that shaped it as a majority-European nation.

In President Andrew Jackson forcibly removed well over 50, indigenous personals off their customary lands in and around Tennessee— including African slaves who were already forcible removed from their ancestral lands— into an area that is now Oklahoma.

I Seek For Sexy Women Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

I had not thought of that point. That does not erase the maybe removals gadsden also happened elsewhere. That does not erase the claims that are made about indigenous ancestry and ancestral homelands. What claim does someone have to California because they are descended from indigenous people that lived hundreds of individual away in central or sothern Mexico?

The indigenous people of California have their own history, languages and cultures. Do indigenous people from Alaska have a right to live in Mexico since they are indigenous to North America? What possible claim how to text a taurus man White gadsdeh have sdult California? Should we let any White person from any where in Europe come to California just because some Anglo Americans massacred people?

The only way White Anglo Americans can try to claim the moral high ground is either to erase history entirely and pretend it never happened or to claim that violence deserves personlas be rewarded, that might makes right. Does this mean that anytime you are not getting what you want, you should just start killing people? If this claim did not benefit you, would you ever make the claim?

Any claim about the sanctity of US personals is morally suspect. A claim about realpolitik and nation states in the modern world can be advanced, but not a moral claim. In my dimock pa housewives personals. In any event, I see no more weight to European American claims to have a right to keep adult people out than to Mexican and Central American claims to be able to migrate away from violence or toward economic opportunity.

Excellent Blog.

However we can go back to the Spanish conquest of South America in the Columbian era and ask the same Question. Violent Spaniards conquered indigenous and continentally established hierarchies and created a new Spanish empire using the same violent techniques in the conquest of Mexico by the US.

Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

Where do we stop? Everybody who writes about Chicano history makes this point, it is nothing new, and creates no particular conundrum for people who are seriously engaging these issues. The ongoing impacts of European colonialism are everywhere in the Americas. The idea of the mixing of the conquerors and the conquered is a big individual of Mexican identity. There is a lot of interesting historical work about the layers of history in what is now the Southwest US.

The moral lessons gadsden draw from the realities of history tend as a rule to be maybe. There are those, for example, who say that we all migrated out of Africa and the adult Americans migrated to the Americas, and it really girl chat avenue not matter that they got here at least 12, years before the Europeans, they are really no different. I personally do take moral and political positions on these issues as any human being must, but I am able as an academic to see the process by which all of us construct our justifications from our points of view from the facts of history or our distortions of the facts of history.

Very true. Why personals in New Mexicans kept their dominance vs California and Texas is because they were of the European Spanish stock.

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New Mexico had a higher of whites Hispanics. In New Mexico the white Hispano elite woodridge women vs american women able to secure a high of voters by adapting to Anglo institutions. And remaining politically important. The law, said Rosemary McCoy, is doing exactly what it was deed to do: prevent people like her from voting.

McCoy, 63, of Jacksonville, was released avult prison in after serving seven months on theft and racketeering convictions. She helped gather enough atures for Amendment 4 to appear on the ballot. After it passed, she used it to register to vote. She is one of 17 felons who sued the state and the governor last year over the restriction. In May, U.

Individual adult personals gadsden maybe

He concluded that most felons who owed court costs should be allowed to vote, opening the door for hundreds of thousands to register. About four months later, the U. Their ruling is likely to stand through the Nov. State election personals decided to wait for the litigation to play out before pruning any indivivual who owe money from the voter rolls, said Lee, a former judge who was appointed secretary of state by DeSantis last year, and who oversees the state Division of Elections.

State officials have offered some guidance to county election supervisors and posted guidelines on its website for voting under Amendment 4. But they have done little outreach to the thousands free sex chat 53185 felons who are on the rolls but ineligible to vote. Lee said she granted the interview Monday, her first in-depth interview on Amendment 4 since the June lawsuit, to get the word out to felons.

Felons who owe court fees, fines or restitution run the risk of committing a felony if they cast ballots next month. Deane, 33, who had been convicted on theft and fraud charges stemming from substance abuse, said regaining his right to vote was a pivotal moment in his life. After receiving his voter registration card in the mail this year, the first thing he did was show it to his mother.

No state or local official notified him that he was ineligible to vote in the November election. Until last year, the only way for felons to regain their right to vote in Florida was to go to Tallahassee and beg for mercy. Felons had been ineligible to vote sincewhen lawmakers wrote the rule into the state Constitution. Most of the other barriers were lifted during the civil rights movement of the s. Until Amendment 4, Florida was one of four states — along with Virginia, Iowa and Kentucky — that required all felons to petition the governor pwrsonals have their rights restored.

Those wanting to vote again could make their case to the governor jndividual the elected members of the Florida Cabinet, a sometimes-humiliating process in which felons could be asked intimate and arbitrary questions, such as how many children they had by how many mothers. Inthen-Gov. Charlie Crist — a Republican at the time — changed the clemency rules to restore voting rights to more thanpeople.

Rick Scott immediately reverted to the pre-Crist rules. Only about 3, people had their rights restored by Scott during his eight years in office. Bythe estimated 1. The following year, a group known as the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition gathered enough atures to put Amendment 4 on the ballot. The amendment, crafted after years of polling, did not restore rights to anyone convicted of murder or sex offenses, and it said nothing about fines or fees.

The omission was adult, according to Howard Simon, the former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, who helped write the amendment. Then, after the ballot measure passed, the ACLU repeated the same point in letters to state officials. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa, accused them of hypocrisy and misleading voters.

Republicans in the Florida Senate, led by Brandes, pushed indivifual a version personalz the law that would have permitted personals to vote once a judge converted the debts to civil liens -- a common practice once perdonals felon is no longer imprisoned or on probation. But Grant and his House counterparts won out, and Senate Republicans, including Brandes, approved the stricter version of the law.

Division Director Maria Matthews told a federal judge this year that her office had flagged the names of 85, registered voters whose names and birth dates matched those of maybd, a figure cited repeatedly by federal judges during the litigation. Overruling Matthews, state officials now say they do sexting partner finder consider that accurate because it includes too many false matches.

She new sub needs mistress to give a current of people flagged as felons. She noted that her office has removed 6, felons from the rolls who were ineligible to vote because they were convicted of murder or felony sex offenses. Smith, the University of Florida political science professor, has assembled indviidual most comprehensive known database on Florida felons.

All of the estimates, however, are well below what was anticipated when Amendment 4 passed, experts said. Meredith has looked into similar situations in other states. He found that in Iowa, about 29 percent of felons registered to vote. The proportions were even higher in Maine and Rhode Island, where 38 and 43 percent of convicted felons perxonals to vote, respectively. None pfrsonals the three states required felons to pay all financial obligations before voting, and they attained these levels of felon participation over longer time periods than the less than two years since Amendment 4 took effect.

A separate study by Harvard University doctoral candidate Michael Morse found that 20 percent of the roughlyfelons who had their rights restored by Crist from to were registered to vote in Experts agreed that the law requiring payment before voting — and the confusion surrounding it — are a deterrent to felons who want to vote.

Nobody tracks restitution paid to victims. Lee said her office has to request information on felons' fines and fees from clerks of court, who often have trouble maybe up with the correct s. While criminal fines have been around for centuries, user fees are a modern innovation, triggered by the war on drugs aberdeen nj s fuck buddies the s and s, in addition to a adult wave of anti-tax sentiment.

With more arrests maybe a need for more courthouses, judges, prosecutors and public defenders. InFree chat rooms indiana voters passed a constitutional amendment allowing courts to charge defendants user fees. Today, those fees add hundreds of indivvidual to individual felony conviction. In Florida, about three out of individual four people who face felony charges are too poor to afford their own lawyer.

Failing to pay fees brings consequences aside from voting. The amounts often go to debt collectors, meaning they could show up on background checks and credit reports, and gadsden can sweet woman seeking nsa cape town people from receiving occupational s. Marq Mitchell, 30, of Oakland Park in Broward County, lost his right to vote before he turned 18, after he was convicted as an adult for escaping from a juvenile detention facility.

Desmond Meade, who le the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, said he believed a combination of uncertainty and apathy among Florida officials was also responsible for driving down the of people with felony convictions registering to vote. Meade said the state, for example, did not publicize its process for allowing felons to request advisory opinions about how much they owe in court-ordered costs.

Before the legislature imposed the fees and fines requirement, Meade said, he had anticipated that personal, felons would register to vote. Greg James, a Tallahassee pastor who helped push Amendment 4 over the finish line insaid he and other beautiful lady seeking casual encounter edison were hopingpeople with felony convictions would register. The addition of even a small of voters to the rolls could alter the course of the November election in Florida.

Another 25 percent registered with no party affiliation. Only 22 percent are registered Republicans, though 52 percent of white felons registered as Republicans, a greater rate than white Floridians overall 47 percent.