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Escort in ct

By: Paul Frisman, Principal Analyst. You want to know if Connecticut and nearby states require state police to escort oversize and overweight vehicles.

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You also asked whether police escort requirements that vary by state hinder interstate freight shipments. SUMMARY Vehicles that exceed state truck size and weight limits oversize and overweight vehicles must get permission to travel in each state in which they operate, but the esxort set by states for such travel may vary greatly.

Escort in ct

These conditions may include the need for civilian or police escort vehicles, the days and hours the oversize and overweight vehicles may travel, and which routes and bridges they may use. The Connecticut Department of Transportation DOTwhich issues permits for oversize and overweight vehicles operating in this state, may require state police escorts as a condition of a permit, depending on such variables as the i of the vehicle ' s jn and the vehicle ' s destination and route.

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Any police escorts DOT may require would be in addition to civilian escort vehicles. Most of the surrounding states require state police escorts in certain instances. The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials AASHTOa nonprofit, nonpartisan association that represents highway and transportation officials in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, is seeking to harmonize state oversize vehicle permit requirements, including requirements for escort vehicles.

Escort in ct

AASHTO ' s recommendations would not be binding, and states would have to accept and adopt its recommendations. For example, state statutes require a single civilian escort vehicle to precede a nonconforming vehicle transporting a load between 12 ' and These permits may require civilian or police escort vehicles.

Escort in ct

Carriers must provide civilian escort vehicles for nonconforming vehicles if a permit requires them. The escort vehicles must be at escort five feet wide and in radio communication with the nonconforming vehicle. They must display 1 top mounted flashing or rotating amber lights escort evanston from at least 1, feet away and 2 specific s.

State regulations specify where the escort vehicle should travel on the highway and in relation to the permitted vehicle Conn. Agency Regs.

Escort in ct

Although neither law nor regulation requires state police escorts, a DOT permit for nonconforming vehicles may specify the presence and of escort vehicles including but not ecsort to police escorts for vehicles that exceed certain widths, heights, and lengths, as well as for vehicles hauling mobile or modular homes and specific types of vehicles, such as mobile truck cranes. For example, according to DOT, it generally requires:. There are exceptions, however.

For example DOT, after consulting with state police, requires two state police escorts on lo more than 8. The following are some escorts of when these states require police escorts.

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Maine regulations require police escorts when a vehicle ' s load is at least 1 ' escogt or 2 16 ' wide. State officials may require police escorts even when these thresholds have not been exceeded CMR Ch. Massachusetts regulations pregnant escorts woodridge two state police vehicles to escort vehicles wider than 15 ' or longer than '. These are in addition to required civilian escorts.

Escort in ct

A state police car also may be required to accompany any slow moving vehicle whose operation may pose a danger to people, property, or the safe operation of a road CMR 7. New York regulations allow for a police escort to be substituted for additional escort vehicles if more than two escorts are required to accompany a mobile home or modular building wider than 14 ' 17 NYCRR Rhode Island regulations require two civilian escorts and a police escort escor moving a building from each city or town through which the move occurs RI Admin.

Escort in ct

Code According to the NCHRP report, states generally require cr escort escort when they believe a civilian escort is insufficient to ensure that a freight shipment moves through the state safely. In general, the report says, states tend to require police escorts esvort a vehicle is overwide, rather than when it exceeds length, height, or weight limits. For example, some states do not allow civilian escorts to control traffic and require state police to shut down intersections.

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Other states leave ch of state police required up to regional offices, leaving the transporters unsure of how many officers will be required. In some cases, even if ch escorts are only needed for a small portion of a move, regulations may require that the police accompany the load for the escort of its trip within the jurisdiction. From an operational perspective, carriers have to work around the hours police workโ€ฆand plan for exchanges at jurisdictional boundaries.

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In some states the police are only available during the eight-hour standard business day, which includes traveling home from the load ' s location. Varying state police escort requirements are only one of several areas where inconsistent state regulations can frustrate carriers and shippers, the report said. Carriers must plan for and adopt to differences in state regulations, such as the maximum permitted axle weight limits, civilian and police escort requirements, and truck configuration restrictions while moving oversize and overweight cargo across multiple states.

Escort in ct

The map in Table 1, reproduced from the NCHRP report, represents the relative difficulty of transporting oversize and overweight cargo in the contiguous 48 states. The thicker the line along a state border, the greater the inconsistency or regulatory and permitting ' friction ' escrt the neighboring states.