Core Group

COST Action IS1405 Core Group – agenda
Venue: Lancaster 5th October 2015

1. Apologies
2. Matters arising/for information
3. Progress of Working Groups 1-6, ESR & STSM
4. STSM  2nd Call & progress of 1st call
5. Managing Working Group membership
6. Location and detail of next meetings
7. Forward planning
8. Open access publications
9. Website
10. International partners
11. BBB survey
12. Possible collaborations
13. Summary of issue to go forwards to the Management Committee meeting
14. AOB


COST Action IS1405 Core Group Lancaster 5th October 2015 – minutes

1. Apologies  
Olga Gouni, Deirdre Daly arrived partway through the agenda due to travel delays
2. Matters arising/for information
Minutes of last meeting were approved
3. Progress of Working Groups 1-6, ESR & STSM
Groups 1 – 6, ESR & STSM groups presented their progress, (PowerPoints attached)
4 . STSM  2nd Call & progress of 1st call
The second call has been sent out to all Action members. The STSM committee have developed a number of documents related to STSMs for hosts and candidates. The group discussed the opportunity to link STSM to projects, grants or bids that relate to the objectives of the Action, but recognized that the STSM opportunity was primarily designed for people to pursue their own research interests within the overall scope of the Action.
Action: STSM group/MCB to re circulate documents to Action asap, & upload to website when complete. (MCB)
5 . Managing Working Group membership
Three issues were raised with regards to managing Working Groups;
I.  How to manage smaller WG’s, particularly when most members are not MC members and funding for them to attend meetings may not be available centrally.
II. How to manage large WGs and engage all members (active/inactive)
III. Confidentiality & intellectual property (IP)
a. It was noted that prospective registration of studies and protocols can help with ensuring that intellectual property is kept with the original researcher(s). For example,  planned RCT’s  can be registered with a database such as Controlled Clinical Trials ( and planned systematic reviews can be logged on the PROSPERO site: ( Protocols for these and other studies are accepted by a number of journals, including those in the BMC journal family.
Actions/suggestions: WG leads of large WGs to consider setting up sub groups to encourage all members to be involved.
WG leads of small WG’s to consider targeting key individuals and inviting them to join small groups, encouraging them to apply to become Management Committee members if possible, or propose to the MC that they be invited to at least one MC meeting as experts.
All WG leads to use email groups to encourage all members of the group to get to know each other.
MCB and Garry to support this work  through the website which will have biographies of all Action members, and  private group spaces. Deadline for website launch: December 11th 2015.
All WG leads to let their group members know about the possibility of prospective registrant of studies/protocols to help protect their IP.
6. Location and detail of next meetings
The next meeting is due to take place in Bergen, Norway in May 2016.
Other suggested locations for Management Committee meetings were:
Hungary (Late 2016)
Florence, Italy, (Spring 2017)
Malta, Crete and Spain.
Actions: MCB to confirm these locations are possible and secure possible dates. Deadline end November 2015.
A Training School is planned for year 2 and so a location needs to be discussed and agreed at the Management Committee meeting.
Possible topics for Training Schools and workshops have been previously circulated, it was agreed that Working Groups would discuss these during their meetings and that a decision would be made on these priorities at the Management Meeting.
Action: Management Committee to confirm dates and planned locations for meetings, and to decide on the location and content of the Training School on Wednesday October 7th 2015.
7. Forward planning
Funding issues
The issue of funding was discussed including the issue of Horizon 2020 funding and its priorities and how this was difficult for this to fit with Action priorities. It was proposed that members look for international funding to allow the Action to undertake a prospective longitudinal study that brings together as many interests of those in the Action as possible.
Action members were encourage to consider other funding sources including Marie Curie funding.
Members were encouraged to apply to COST to be experts by adding their name to the COST data base.
8. Open access publications
A criteria for accessing possible open access papers and a list of papers suggested thus far has been circulated prior to the meeting.  It was suggested that the criteria for assessment was taken to the Management Committee to be approved and that the Management Committee would be asked to allow the Core Group to assess the publications based on this criteria. The final decision of the Core Group would then be sent to the Management Committee to agree via a Management Committee e-vote after the meeting.
Action: Management Committee to approve criteria and process, Core Group to assess the submitted papers,  then MCB to  set up Management Committee e-vote after the meeting. Wednesday October 7th 2015; decision by CG within 2 weeks, followed immediately by e-vote.
9. Website
The need to develop a logo for the Action/website was discussed. Contributions were requested for a new logo.
Garry Cook who is developing the website to update all members during the meeting tomorrow.
10. International partners
Hannah Dahlen from Australia is now an official Management Committee observer. The links with Chile and South Africa are progressing.
11. BBB survey
The issue of the relationship between BBB and the current Action was discussed. It was agreed that, as the material produced by BBB was being used by groups in the current Action and the resources produced by the survey may be of use to the Action in the future, BBB should be linked to the Action, primarily via the new Action website.
Action: MCB/Garry to add BBB link to the new COST Action website. Deadline: launch of website
12. Possible collaborations
A link with Nicola Low and her work on STD’s was discussed. The need for the work to have a salutogenic approach was noted. It was agreed that Claudia will discuss the salutogenic aspect with  Nicola and feed back to the Core Group, with a view to possibly inviting Nicola as an expert at a future meeting.
Action: Claudia to talk to Nicola re how this work fits in with Action aims, and salutogenic framework and to feed back to the Core Group. Deadline: end January 2016
13. AOB
Attribution of authorship to COST Action
It was suggested that we ask the Management Committee to agree to adopt the criteria used in the last Action.
Action: MCB to put this on the agenda for the Management Committee to approve. Wednesday October 7th 2015.
14. Summary of issue to go forwards to the Management Committee meeting
I.  Location of next meetings
II. Topic & location of training school/workshop
III. Agree open access procedure
IV. Agree STSM allocation & reports
V.  Agree attribution of authorship paper
VI. Website logo
VII. Discuss the way people are invited to meetings to ensure that all Working Groups have a viable number of members.
15. Date and location of next meeting
May 9th Bergen, Norway.