REPORT: Lancaster (October 5-8, 2015)

Scientific Report: COST Action IS1405: Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH)

Meeting date:  5th-8th October 2015
Venue: The Storey Institute,  Lancaster

The meeting was attended by 61 members of the COST Action from across Europe and 2 colleagues from Chile.

Proceedings opened on Monday 5th October at 09.00 with a meeting of the Core Group. Following lunch, Chair of the Action, Professor Soo Downe, welcomed all participants to the meeting and chaired a plenary session. This session explored the work of the Action to date, including presentations by the Working Group leads and discussed the work that was planned for the next years by Working Groups in relation to the MOU of the Action. This was followed by a presentation from Marina Weckend on the Babies Born Better Survey and two workshops lead by Professor Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg  on Oxytocin and Professor Bengt Lindstrom on Salutogenesis. This was followed by a meeting of the Early Career Researchers (previously Early Stage Researchers) ThinkTank/group.

The second day of the meeting opened at 09.00 on Tuesday 6th October with a short plenary session including a presentation about and discussion of the Action’s website. This was followed by meetings of all Working Groups during the morning and afternoon with a final plenary session to feedback the outcomes of these sessions and to highlight the plans of the groups for the next years of the Action. Members of a small activist group met to network and work on links between the Action and user and activist organisations.

The final day of the Action commenced at 09.00 on Wednesday 7th October. Luule Mizera, Scientific Officer for the Action addressed members of the Action providing them with an overview of the COST system and highlighting important issues and changes that had taken place recently. This was followed by the Management Committee lead by the Chair of the Action, Professor Downe. The meeting ended at 12.30.

Marie-Clare Balaam
University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Programme for the meeting is available as a word doc here.


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