REPORT: Florence (October 9-11, 2017)

Scientific Report COST Action IS1405: Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH)

Meeting date: 9th-11th October 2017IMG_8109
Venue: Palazzo Medici Riccardi & Istituto degli Innocenti, Florence
Meeting Type: Management Committee Meeting, Working Group Meeting,
Workshops/ Conferences

Local Organiser Institution: Monia Lippi -Italian room in collaboration with
Laura Iannuzzi (Careggi University Hospital), Nicoletta Setola (Dep of Architecture
University of Florence), Sandra Morano (University of Genoa) and all the Scientific
Committee team.

Attendance: The meeting was highly successful being attended by 82 participants
on Monday the 9th, 75 participants on Tuesday the 10th and 55 participants on
Wednesday the 11th. Participants included old and new members of the COST
Action IS1405 coming from across Europe and Italian stakeholders. The
organisation of this meeting encountered the support of various institutions
including the Region of Tuscany, the City Council of Florence, the Careggi
University Hospital, the University of Florence, The Institute of Innocents and the
local College of Midwives.

The Meeting aimed to offer a meaningful time, facilitating the work and
productivity of the working groups, sharing culture, tradition, communicating the
aim of the Action and its state of art to a larger public, and inviting relevant
stakeholders to join and engage with the project.

Proceedings opened on Monday 9th March at 09:00 in Palazzo Medici Riccardi with
the meeting of the Core Group. At the end of the meeting, around lunch time, the
council of Florence offered a complimentary guided tour and light lunch in Palazzo
Vecchio, the town hall of the city of Florence.

After lunchtime, there was the official opening of the Meeting of this Action led by
Prof. Soo Downe. Participants were hosted in the prestigious Sala Luca Giordano of
Palazzo Medici Riccardi and welcomed by the President of IV Health Committee on
Social and Health Politics of Florence City Council Nicola Armentano together with
the Italian members of the Management Committee and Scientific Committee
Laura Iannuzzi, Sandra Morano and Nicoletta Setola.

Armentano acknowledged the importance and the crucial positive impact of this
Action for Global Health, Economic systems and Public Administrations, leaving
then Prof. Soo Downe to chair the plenary session, explain the philosophical underpinnings and aim of the Birth Action and let the WG leads present and state
of art of the work of their groups and subgroups. This was followed by a brief
presentation of the Italian Birth Activist Elena Skoko on the findings of a recent
research on Obstetric Violence in Italy.

Afterwards, HM Anna Colombo, the Italian Special Advisor S&D of the EU
Parliament, chaired the planned workshop on Health Economics, introducing the
presentations led by the Health economists Patrick Moran (IE) and Elske van den
Akker-van Marle (NL) and facilitating the related plenary discussion.
The work continued and concluded with Soo Downe discussing the state of Art and
future planning of Horizon 2020 and the meeting of the B3 Babies Born Better
survey and STSM groups.

A guided tour of Florence was proposed as social event in the evening of the 1st
day. The tour was introduced by a traditional Florentine song and the guide told to
a great number of participants the story of the city while walking through the main
and inner streets of the centre, stopping at the most popular artistic areas.

The 2nd day work was hosted at the Istituto degli Innocenti, a very symbolic
concerning health and social care of women and babies/orphans. Throughout the
day all the 6 working groups and related sub-groups and ECI and STSM groups met
to share and progress in their work. New members were welcomed by the WG
chairs and vice-chairs. The meeting concluded with the meeting a plenary session
including WG leads feedback and the projection of the short movie on attitude on
cord clamping and donors entitles “The Blood of its Blood” presented by its
director A. Garnaoui.

Two social events were then proposed for the evening: the first was a guided had
and has today in safeguarding Children rights and for health care professionals,
anthropologists, sociologists, historians, governors, researchers. group of 20
people. The second proposed initiative was the social dinner in a local ‘Taverna’
where Cost members enjoyed Tuscany food and wine and a pleasant time together.

The 11th of October represented the final day of the Action; the programme started
at 09:00 with the Action’s Management Committee meeting led by the Chair of the
Action, Professor Soo Downe and ended as planned around 13:00 discussing goal
achieved, problems and solutions and setting the path for the future steps and
agenda. This meeting was acknowledged as being very productive, enjoyable and
enriched by the beauty of the city and the choice of venues and social moments

The Local Organiser The Italian MC member
Monia Lippi Laura Iannuzzi

Programme for florence meeting is on a word doc here.IMG_8117


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