REPORT: Barcelona (May 4-6, 2015)

Scientific Report

COST Action IS1405: Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH)

barcelona All together.jpg

Meeting date:  4-6 May 2015
Venue: College of Nurses of Barcelona

The meeting was supported by the Ministry of Health of Catalonia and many local health Institutions have expressed their interest on the Action meeting. The meeting was also recognized as a scientific event by the Directorate-General for Planning and Research. (Register Nº 9002S/12141/2015)

The meeting was attended by 63 members of the Action and a number of local researcher’s who participated in the working groups.

Proceedings opened on Monday, 4 May at 9.00a.m with a welcome message from the College of Nurses Chair of Midwives and then a Core Group meeting.  Following a short lunch the Ministry of Health and the President of the College of Nurses welcomed the delegates. Then we had the first plenary session group of the Action IS1405 where the Chair of the action explained the work to be done during the next years.

Working Groups were established and began to work together. Working Groups achieved agreements on the work, participation and responsibilities for all the members within each group. WGs provided a summary of the work to be done during the Action and a final meeting which summarised the days events and the plans for the rest of the meeting was held at the end of the first day.

The second day of the meeting opened at 09:30 on 5th May with a plenary session update and discussion headed by Soo Downe. Working Groups worked during the morning in parallel sessions. Over lunch some Action members met to discuss issues related to Early Stage Researchers and STSM calls.

During the afternoon Working Group meetings and then a plenary session were held. In this plenary session Working Group leads presented their working plan for the first year of the Action.

On the morning of 6th May the Management Committee meeting was held lead by the Chair of the Action. In the afternoon some of the Action delegates kindly participated in a seminar that was organized after the meeting, with the aim of disseminating the work of the Action. This seminar was open to local health professionals and researchers from Catalonia. It was attended by 65 people.

Ramón Escuriet

Programme coordinator Normal Birth Initiative Catalonia. Directorate-General for Health Planning and Research, Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia

Information in Spanish is on a pdf here.

Programme details are on a pdf here.

Minutes of meeting are on a word doc here.





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