CHILDREN’S BOOK PUBLISHED: Stories From Embryoland by Olga Gouni and Jean Calleja-Agius

embryo book

COST Action member Olga Gouni, Jean Calleja-Agius and her daughter Amelie Calleja have co-written a children’s book.

Stories From Embryoland is available now. Here is the link on Amazon

This book has been conceived as part of this COST Action, and is intended to disseminate knowledge related to human conception and birth to the general public, including children.

Jean said: “This book is ideal as a present to any child, parent, educator, healthcare professional who wishes to understand the journey from conception to birth, as told by the embryo.

“While adhering to accurate scientific facts, the story is very sweet and adorned with beautiful illustrations.

“Please feel free to leave a book review – it would be greatly appreciated.”



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