WG5 members meeting in Luzern, february 2018.

As this  Cost Action BIRTH enters its fourth and last year the work of WG5, wich focus on Neuro-psycho-social characteristics and effects of labour events is advancing beautifully. Our recent meeting in Luzern , Switzerland, on february 7-9th was highly productive (and enjoyable since we also got to see the exciting Carnival of Luzern!).

Our big team made mostly of midwives, psychologists and doctors but also including biochemists, nurses and philosophers got together and welcome our new member: Sarah Buckley from Australia. Sarah is collaborating with WG-5-1 that focuses on the physiology of oxytocin around birth. The meeting was a good chance to update the searches this group is now carrying on the consecuences of labour interventions on oxytocin system, breastfeeding and attachment.

While in Luzern WG-5.2 decided to continue the research on the psychological aspects of physiological chilbbirth. After carrying a meta synthesis on women´s lived experiences of childbirth that is currently under review for publishing, the new search will focus on how those present at physiological birth perceive labouring women.

WG-5-3 is finishing the design of their new study on traumatic childbirth from midwives perspective.

It was a great meeting and we hope we can soon share some of our upcoming publications. Thanks to all!



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