Lucerne COST Action ISO1405 meeting information (Feb 7 to 9th, 2018)

There are several new documents available concerning the COST Action ISO1405 Lucerne meeting (Feb 7-9th), including the updated programme and management committee agenda.

Here they are (all word files):

Lucerne COST Action -Meeting Invitation and information

Lucerne MC_Agenda

Lucerne meeting Financial organisation

Programme COST Action meeting Lucerne February 2018

Here is the meeting programme:

Wednesday 7th February
09.00-12.00                   Core group
10.30 -11.00                  Tea break
12.00-13.00                   Lunch
13.30- 13.45                  Address and welcome from Prof. Pia Gabriel-Schärer from Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences
13.45 – 15.30                Whole Action plenary session including WG leads update, discussion,
15.00- 15.30                  Tea break
15.30-16.30                   Workshop1: Dr Sarah Buckley The Impact of Birth on Lifelong Wellbeing

Thursday 8th February
09.00 -09.30                  Plenary
09.30–10.30                  Workshop 2: Sheena Byrom Workshop (Waiting for title)
10.30-11.00                   Tea break
11.00- 12.30                  Working Groups
12.30-13.30                   Lunch
13.30–16.30                  Working Groups (including tea break)
15.00-15.30                   Tea break
15.30-16.30                   ECI Meeting, WG 6 meeting
16.30-17.30                   Plenary session including Working Group leads feedback
17.30-18.30                   STSM Meeting, B3 meeting
18.30                              Carnival special

Friday 9th February
09.00-13.00                    Management Committee Meeting
10.30-11.00                    Tea break
12.30                               sandwiches to go


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