COST Action IS1405 Core Group minutes, Florence, 9th October 2017

COST Action IS1405 Core Group minutes, Florence, 9th October 2017

  • Apologies

No apologies received 

  • Approval of last meeting minutes, adoption of agenda & matters arising/for information

The minutes from the last meeting were approved and the current agenda adopted.

  • Progress and future plans for 2017/18 of Working Groups 1-6, ESR & STSM
    1. Celebration of successes, discussion of issues arising
      1. Two particular successes were identified; Olga and colleagues Erasmus plus project and the success of Ibone’s book Birth.
      2. Colleagues noted the need to work on the economic aspects of the Action and welcomed the presence of two Health Economists at the meeting and there Workshop to be held in during the meeting.
    2. Mapping progress against the MOU & reporting
      1. All groups reported on progress against the MOU and presented a full report of progress in the Management Committee meeting.
  • Planning 2017/18 meetings and activities
    1. Location and detail of future Management Committee/Core Group/Working Group meetings
      1. The next meeting of the Management Committee/ Core Group/Working Groups will be in Lucerne Switzerland 7th-9th February 2018. The local organiser will be Professor Claudia Meier Magistretti.
      2. The Action conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in Summer/Autumn 2018. The local organiser will be Mario Santos. The final date will be confirmed in the Management Committee.
  • The final Action meeting will take place in Malta in November 2018.
  1. Training School
    1. The Action’s training school will take place in Lucerne 12-14th February 2018. The local organiser will be Professor Claudia Meier Magistretti. The deadline for applications will be 1st December 2017 (funded places) and 1st January 2018 (no funded places). There will be 20 funded places of 600 euro and a total of 40 places over all.

Action: MCB to ensure that number of places and funding allocation is consistent in all Action information & e-cost system

  • Allocation of places for meetings
    1. The meeting agreed to follow the allocation procedure previously agreed by the Management Committee. It was agreed that one Management Committee member per county would be the default for future meetings.
  • Workplan 2017/2018 & forward planning
    1. The meeting noted that there had been extra money allocated to the Action from COST in Brussels. There was a discussion over the ways in which this extra money should be spent. It was agreed that it would be recommended to the MC that this money should be divided between; extra training school places and extra STSMs, prioritising those that were clearly linked to Working Group MOU aims.
    2. There was discussion over the possibility of undertaking another COST Action. Members of the meeting were asked to discuss possible ideas related to this within their Working Groups. Initial ideas raised were related to topics around Compassion and Oxytocin.
  • Possible creation of Scientific Advisory Board & other committees
    1. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) -The meeting agreed to ask KUM to lead on this and establish the membership and remit. It was noted that the membership of the group must include a balance of gender, countries as well as ECI and more experienced colleagues.
    2. Funding committee – it was established that this was not a formal committee but the members (LF & CMM) would act to disseminate funding opportunities to members of the Action via email, the website and Facebook as appropriate.
  • Book/Journal editorial committee –Jean Calleja Agius has agreed to lead this group to work on the Final Dissemination product for the Action.
  1. Conference Committee – This will be lead with Mario Santos and organised into 3 committees based on the proposal previously circulated.


MC to discuss CG recommendations on use of the extra funds

MCB to invite KUM to lead on the foundation of the SAB.

MCB to circulate the list of people who have offered to work on these committees to the committees leads.

All leads of committees to provide a paragraph outlining their remit and membership to be circulated.

  • Open access papers

All submitted papers will be submitted to the core group for them to prioritise for funding. In the Workplan there is 6000 euros allocated for open access. The Core Group and MC will need to decide how to allocate this money and the timescale for allocation.


MCB to confirm all details about all the submitted papers and circulate papers, details and scoring sheet to all members of the Core Group.

  • Website & blogs

Anastasia and Garry have been discussing change to the website. In order to update the site and make it more user friendly reflecting the work we have been doing, Working Group leaders have agreed to fill in a spreadsheet developed by Anastasia listing their outputs by year.

The WG leaders were reminded to submit blogs for the website.

It was suggested that the MC be requested to invite Sheena Byrom to the Lucerne meeting as an expert to support our dissemination/social media work.


MCB to circulate the spreadsheet to all WG leads

WG leaders fill in & return spreadsheet

Anastasia and Garry to work on changes to the website

MC to discuss inviting Sheena Byrom to the Training School as an expert

  • Production of Final Dissemination Activity (FDA)

It was agreed that this needed to be fully discussed at the MC meeting to ensure that there was decision made in a timely manner in order to follow the COST Actions rules with regards to the FDA and funding.

  • Implementation of COST policies on gender balance/ ECR and inclusiveness agenda

This is being addressed and will be more formally noted in the MC meeting.

  • New requests to join and other international partners

No new requests have been made. We are in the process of putting our links with colleagues in Australia and Chile on a more formal basis.

  • BBB survey

MCB noted that there has been little progress with the B3 survey as there has been a lack of funding. However UCLan may have an intern and some research assistant support from Naseerah who has previously worked on the survey.

There will be a B3 meeting later in the day.

  • Summary of issues to go forwards to the Management Committee meeting
  • Dates for future meetings
  • Training school finance details and invitation to Sheena Byrom
  • Use for any extra funds in budget after extra money from COST central
  • The creation of a range of committees within the Action
  • Open access


  • AOB
    • No new items raised

You can download  a copy of these minutes here.







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