WG6: Cost Action IS1405 in Toronto


Pictured: Dr Anastasia Topalidou, Researcher Kenny Finlayson and Prof Soo Downe (COST ACTION IS 1405 Leader) in Toronto

More than 40 active members of Cost Action IS1405 met in Toronto, Canada, at the beginning of June (2017) to present the latest research findings in the field of B.I.R.T.H. at the ICM most important International meeting.

Our team will participate in symposiums, workshops, plenary debates apart from giving oral presentations and posters.

The variety of titles includes Midwifery Roles, Practices, Challenges and Barriers to Midwifery Integration, Midwife-led Homebirths, Women’s Health during pregnancy and at Birth, Continuity of Care on the Physical and Psychosocial Health of Mother and Child, Pain Experience and Management, Action Research on a Labor Ward, Normal Birth, Fetal and Neonatal Death and Pregnancy Loss issues, Women’s Rights in Maternity Services, Developing Sustainable Health Policies, Exploring Care Models etc.

Our COST ACTION IS1405 is a significant contributor to shaping the evolving trends in the field of maternity care systems and its impact to Global Health and Peace.


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