COST Action IS1405: Progress report at 24 months

Here are some links relating to the Action which describe some the impact and related outputs from the action.

Some of this information has been previously posted on this website.

Description of the impact

COST Action members at the European Parliament
Discussion of possible impact of maternity care provision models on sustainability of maternity care provision in Europe based on Action findings and related evidence. Link

Improving maternity care in Bulgaria
See table I.E below for media coverage of COST activities that immediately preceded these change. Yoanna Stancheva (MC Bulgaria, STSM recipient & STSM host) and Iloana Neshkova (WG4, STSM recipient), with support from Tracey Cooper (STSM recipient and host) and Sandra Morano (MC member Italy, WG 5).

Zebra Midwives facebook sit. Link

STSM report (Bulgaria to Preston. Link

Zebra midwives Dad’s video. Link

Yoana Stancheva Midwife in the Zebra Midwives collective – the first midwifery practice in Bulgaria The Practising Midwife, February 2017. Link

Facebook post on new birth room in Bulgarian hospita. Link

Report of Tracey Cooper STSM in Bulgaria. Link

Influencing maternity care in Ireland
Maria Healy (Ireland MC member and WG 2) STSM & grant relating to guidelines for place of birth in Northern Ireland. Link

Influencing maternity care in Russia
Ema Hresanova (Czech republic MC member) & Mario Santos (Spain MC member) (both WG3) grant & workshop in Russia. Link

Influencing policy in Spain
Ramon Escuriet Peiro (Action Vice Chair, MC member for Spain, WG4). Link

IE Dissemination and exploitation of Action results

Facebook page. Link

Dissemination of evidence from Barcelona MC meeting May 4-6th 2016
Organised by Ramon Escuriet-Peiró (Action vice-Chair)
Publication from event with COST members – published in Spanish & English “© de la present edició: Consell de Col·legis d’Infermeres i Infermers de Catalunya 1a edició digital: Barcelona, gener de 2016 ISBN 978-84-608-7254-2” l’atenció a la maternitat a diferents països la contribució de la llevadora

Press coverage of Barcelona meeting

Midwifery and Perinatal Psychology Scientific Conference
Organized by Eleni Hadjigeorgiou and Andria Spyridou to promote Normal Birth. Key speakers were invited MC members from the COST action: Dr. Anastasia Topalidou, Dr. Ibone Olza Fernandez and Olga Gouni. Participants mentioned that they realise how important is to know neuroendocrinology of birth and how many advantages normal childbirth has for mothers and neonates. Link

Dissemination and exploitation of Action outputs and results in Bulgaria:
Report of the alongside event held prior to the MC meeting in Sept 2016. Link

Newspaper article on the event that was held to promote the outputs and concerns of the Action in Bulgaria prior to the MC meeting there in September 20. Link

Video of S Downe Action Chair lecture on youtube. Link

Video of Deirdre Daly (chair WG4) and Sandra Morano (member WG 3) talking about quality maternity care. Link

Ank de Jong (WG 4) and Soo Downe (Action Chair) Bulgarian TV intervie. Link

Jette Clausen (WG4) discussing the Kristeller manoeuvre in the Bulgarian pres. Link

Jette Clausen (WG4) discussing physiological birth and midwifery on Bulgarian TV. Link

Ramon Escuiret (Action Vice-Chair) in Bulgaria media. Link

Sandra Morano (WG 3) on Bulgarian TV. Link

Article by Yoanna Stanchova (WG4) on International Confederation of Midwives website linked to Bulgari. Link

Addressing over use of interventions in maternity care/ disrespect and abuse in maternity care

Mario Santos (WG4) on Portuguese TV talking about obstetric violence. Link

Obstetric violence workshop Bergen, Norway March 2016 then uploaded to YouTube, eubirthresearch website and on ElPartoEsNuestro YouTube channel . Link

Bibliographic data

Setting the stage for health: salutogenesis in midwifery professional knowledge in three European Countries, C Meier Magistretti, S Downe, B Lindstrom, M Berg, K Tritten Schwarz Int J Qualitative Stud Health Well-being 2016, 11: 33155 Link

The Psychological Experience of Physiological Childbirth: A Protocol For A Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies. Registered in the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) (Registration CRD42016037072). Leahy-Warren, P., Nieuwenhuijze, M., Spyridou A., Sigríður Sía Jónsdóttir, Benyamini, Y., Crespo, E., Murphy, M., Kazmierczak, M.,   Takács, L., Savona Ventura, S., Joaquin Garcia-Lopez, L., Olza Fernández, I. Link

Appearance of fetal pain could be associated with maturation of the mesodiencephalic structures, Sekulic S, Gebauer-Bukurov K, Cvijanovic M, Kopitovic A, Ilic D, Petrovic D, Capo I, Pericin-Starcevic I, Christ O, Topalidou A, Journal of pain research November 2016 : 9 Pages 1031—1038. Link

Investigation of the use of thermography for research and clinical applications in pregnant.women Topalidou A., Downe S. Infrared Physics and Technology, 2016; 7(2016):59-64. Link

Moving beyond disrespect and abuse: addressing the structural dimensions of obstetric violence Michelle Sadler, Mário J.D.S. Santos, Dolores Ruiz-Berdún, Gonzalo Leiva Rojas, Elena Skoko, Patricia Gillen, Jette A. Clausen Reproductive Health Matters 2016 Volume 24, Issue 47, Pages 47–55;Doi: 10.1016/j.rhm.2016.04.00. Link



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