Frontiers Research Topic Abstracts call out (deadline June 20, 2017)

CfP – Frontiers

Birth: Frontiers Research Topic Abstracts for research papers on critical approaches to birth for publication in ‘Frontiers’ (an online open access journal) to be edited by Kath Woodward, are invited by 20th June 2017.

Full papers due 10th November 2017. Further details available here.

Questions to be addressed include:

At an historical moment in the expansion of what Haraway has called technoscience, how do technological and scientific developments and interventions transform the experience as well as the management of birth-for human and non-human animals?

How far is it possible to extract what is natural from what is social in such a fast moving, interventionist field?

How do birth and the practices and processes of the management of birth shape and influence sex and gender and gender relations?

To what extent and in what ways is birth social, political and cultural as well as natural and what does an apparently and avowedly ‘natural’ phenomenon demonstrate about social relations and social change?

What is the relationship between the different forces in play in the definition and organization of birth across the world in the twenty first century?

How political is birth and what are the moral issues to be addressed by those involved?

Whose expertise counts?

What ethical aspects are raised by reproductive technologies, ranging from IVF to cloning and including the facilitation, management or prevention of birth through contraception or termination of pregnancy?

How do technological and scientific developments and interventions transform the experience as well as the management of birth for human and non-human animals?

What is the impact of dominant cultural representations of birth? For example, how far do humans understand birth through animal reproduction for example in films and television programmes as well as pedagogy in schools?

To what extent do humans understand maternity and maternal behaviour through exposure to non-human mothering and how do humans perceive non-human motherhood?


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