WG3: Report from migrant women sub group (Crete, March 2017)

You can download a pdf of the report here.

The report itself is below:

Working Group 3 Migrant women sub group update:  following the Crete March 2017

  • Completed projects
  • Established projects
  • Proposed tentative projects
  • Outputs/information and other things

Current membership

Chairs: Marie-Clare Balaam & Mel Cooper

Alena Parizkova, Marina Weckend, Sanja Spoljar-Vrzina,  Triin Roosalu, Valerie Fleming, Rose McCarthy, Anne Koehne, Sarah Church, Erika Schmidt, Gracia Maroto, Irene Maffi, Ans Luyben, Rayah Feldman, Zora Raboteg-Saric,  Clizia Iseppi,

New members

We welcomed a new member to the migrant women group in Crete Professor Laura Migliorini, from the University of Genoa in Italy.  We have also made connections with Brigid McConville an activist, journalist based in the UK.

1          Completed projects

1 a. Concept Analysis of ‘pregnant migrant women’

This paper has been completed following the Crete meeting and has been submitted to the International Journal of Nursing Practice (21/03/2017)

2          Established projects

Topic 1: Investigation of access policies for migrant women across Europe

(Marie-Clare, Mel, Valerie, Alena, Sanja, Triin, Marina)

Progress: template distributed to COST Action – some results in, but agreed to re send to ensure wider coverage

Next steps – collation of data & initial (descriptive) analysis to be undertaken

On- going work

It was agreed at the Crete meeting that this is the next area of priority for the group following the completion of the work on the concept analysis. MCB to contact those involved to work out a workplan and deadlines to move this work forwards as this link directly to the MOU aims that WG3 has to meet by the end of the Action.

Topic 2:  Using existing BBB data, examine the current data on migrant women

Topic 2 a: General migrant data from survey

(MC, MCB, Naseerah, Amanda Firth)


First phase: Initial work was done on the migrant women data set (to August 2014), by Jenny, Tomasina (with support from Marina). Mel Cooper’s daughter Amelia produced a report on this data.

March 2016: On- going work

Second phase: The full data set has been received from B3 steering committee (cleaned by

Naseerah & following the steering committee’s approval of a research proposal). This data is

being worked on by Amanda Firth to explore issues raised by the initial report.

Topic 2 b:  Use BBB data to focus on the Czech Republic


Czech women giving birth abroad and non-Czech women giving birth in the CR & identify and map the movement from east to west or reversely.

March 2016: project progressing article will be published in Czech language publication.

Topic 3: Women who move to avoid maternity care in their country 

Members: Alena, Jetta

Discussion via on the detailed focus of the project. It will focus on women who travel to avoid particular treatment and to get treatment they prefer. It would be about unfulfilled expectation of women in their home countries and seeking the alternative abroad. Probably it will be a case study.

Progress: Data collection is underway and an STSM application has been made for Alena to go to Jette to work on this project. A paper will be submitted on this work by the end of the year

3          New projects

Topic 1: Photo-voice project

Members: Laura, Alena, Marina, ?

A new project using the photo-voice method has been suggested by Laura. She will write a brief out line of this and MCB will circulate papers which give details of this idea.

4          Proposed/tentative projects 

  1. a) Discourse analysis looking at the different country/cultural contexts of maternity care for ‘migrant’ women considering changes in discursive practices over time and in national contexts. Done by individuals in their national contexts


  1. b) Critical Medical Anthropology (CMA) – Ethical and methodological issues to working with pregnant migrant women

Members: Sanja (Lead), Marie-Clare, Mel, Rose, Valerie

The aim is to map-out public health/clinical /social support (based on our personal work experience) primarily regarding reproductive themes, with the aim of exposing ethical and methodological issues. Through a multileveled CMA analysis we will tackle problems of researching marginalized populations with a special concern given to the ‘challenges’ of individual/civil servant, professional and macro level of action.  At the moment I am working on a draft summary that will make things easier for the group’s thematic entry into the field.

December 2016:  Sanja is currently working on this and will send more details in time for the Crete meeting with a deadline for the results as June 2017.


  1. e) NGO and health care professionals experiences of working with refugee/asylum seeking women

This was partially discussed at the meeting in Sofia and we spoke about linking with Ibone and Andria who are/have been working with women in Greece and linking to the work Marina has done in Germany & Rose and Mel have done in the UK.


4          New outputs/ other


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