CRETE: Everything you need to know

Here is the programme for the Crete trip:

COST Action IS1405 Meeting

Heraklion, Crete, Greece (6th-8th March, 2017)


Monday 6th March
09.00-12.00   Core group
10.30 -10.45  Tea break

For those not in the Core Group there is the possibility of the following
09.00-12.00     Walking tour of the city, visit to the castle (Koules) & Natural History Museum.

12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-13.30   Cretan Music performance
13.30-15.00   Whole Action plenary session including WG leads update, discussion,
15.00- 15.30  Tea break

Tuesday 7th March
08.30-09.30  Cretan dance performance & plenary session
09.30–12.30   Working Groups
10.30-11.00   Tea break
11.00- 12.30  Working Groups
12.30-13.30   Lunch
13.30–15.30   Working Groups (including tea break)
15.00-15.30   Tea break
15.30-16.30   ECI Meeting/WG 6 meeting
16.30-17.30   plenary session including Working Group leads feedback
19:00              Optional Dinner at a Cretan Tavern ‘Rakas’

Wednesday 8th March
09.00-13.00   Management Committee Meeting
10.30-11.00   Tea break
13.00-14.30   Lunch

13:00 Optional excursion to Knossos (it closes at 3:00) a later lunch can be arranged for those who want to go on this excursion.

You can download a pdf copy here.

Management Committee Meeting agenda

You can download a pdf copy of this here.

Gaia – Be the Bee


You may have notcied there is a dance element to this conference.

Here is a bit about it:

“Gaia” presents an original chronicle of human society, of our relationship with nature and fellow human beings, of female existence in a constant struggle for emancipation and survival. The performance focuses on female figures traveling in time, transforming the definition of female nature and the natural environment by following the “dogmas of the times”… or perhaps they define them?

In this particularly aquatic eco-artistic journey we will have as companions the Snake Goddess and other primitive and modern characters that emerge from times that we associate with innocence, romance, harmony with nature. We are witnessing their mutation, martyrdom, revival, even their death, hoping to experience a kind of
renaissance that will co-ordinate with humility and reverence, awe and gratitude to the divine natural phenomena and the rich goods of Mother Earth.

Read the full text here on this downloadable pdf.

WG3 – Crete

WG3 have produced a workplan for the Crete meeting, which you can download here (PowerPoint).


We now available the latest group reports ahead of the Crete meeting. Please see list below (all downloadable pdfs):

WG1 (Jan 2017): Download report as a pdf.

WG2 (Sept 2016): Get the report now. There is also a spreadsheet cost report available for WG2.

WG3 (Jan 2017): Download available of this report.

WG4 (Sept 2016): Download report as a pdf.

WG5 (Sept 2016): Get this report here.

WG6 (Jan 2017): Ready to download now.

STSM (Jan 2017): Download the STSM report here.

ECI (Sept 2016): You can download the report here.




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