WG5: Marie Kazmierczak receives 200,000 euros grant for research project

Working Group 5 member Marie Kazmierczak has received a research grant from the National Science Centre (NCN) in Poland. The grant is for her work entitled Empathy in couples as a predictor of responsiveness towards infant’s cry in the situation of parental role’s activation – mediational role of oxcytocin and vasopressin (HEART model).

The grant is for more than 200,000 euros (1,132,223 PLN) from the SONATA BIS funding scheme.

With colleagues from developmental and antenatal psychology, biotechnology, and midwifery Maria will be exploring whether dispositional empathy in couples facilitates responses towards child’s signals linked to discomfort and promoting attachment in the caretaking situation, partially due to hormonal factors.

This project is linked the work Maria did as part of her COST Action STSM, Beginnings of empathic parenthood (COST-STSM-IS1405-32834).


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