GRANT AWARD – Philosophy of Birth: Rethinking the Origin from Medical Humanities

Stella Villarmea writes with some great news about a research project she is involved in.

Dear colleagues and friends at COST Action BIRTH,

Let me share with you some excellent news: our research project, PHILOSOPHY OF BIRTH: RETHINKING THE ORIGIN FROM MEDICAL HUMANITIES (FFI2016-77755-R) has been awarded a grant by the Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to Societal Challenges, of the Ministry of Economy in Spain, 2016-19.

You will find more details about our project (summary, objectives, hypothesis, expected results, research team) in our website:

That the Ministry of Economy selects a research project in Philosophy is rare. That the selection meets the most competitive program (Oriented to Societal Challenges and related to 2020 Horizon, the EU Program for Research and Innovation) is exceptional. That the decision supports research on Philosophy of Birth during three years is just … unheard. What a joy!

You already know some of our research members since they participate in the COST action: Ibone Olza, Dolores Ruiz Berdún, Michelle Sadler, Sara Cohen, and Stella Villarmea.

An important feature of our research group is the variety of academic and personal perspectives and backgrounds. Such an intersectoral team seems to us a fertile starting point to enrich our further exploring together a most fascinating experience and topic: birth.

We hope that our project, PHILOSOPHY OF BIRTH: RETHINKING THE ORIGIN FROM MEDICAL HUMANITIES contributes with its impulse to the common ground for knowledge and intervention that defines the COST action BIRTH.

We have the opportunity to build a good research network for mutual support and growth. Please feel welcome to get to know, take part, and contribute to our project and research.

We feel very happy to work with all of you.

All best wishes / Un abrazo,

Stella Villarmea

Accredited as Full Professor of Philosophy

University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain

Speaker of The International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPH):



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