MEMBERS CONTRIBUTE TO NEW BOOK: New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care: International Perspectives

New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care: International Perspectives

Several cost COST Action members have contributed to a new book to published by Pinter & Martin.

You can pre-order the book here.

(Press release)

New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care: International Perspectives

Pinter & Martin Publishers proudly announce the launch in early 2017 of New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care: International Perspectives. This edited volume is the result of comparative international research, with the goal of finding and generating the best possible evidence across a range of childbirth practices, contexts, and issues in Europe.

There is a general shift towards a more risk-averse approach to childbirth globally, but this is occurring at different rates in population attitudes and in use of childbirth technologies, in different countries. The drivers to such changes can also vary from country to country, but the clinical, social and economic consequences are similar.

New Thinking on Improving Maternity Care offers a new set of theories to explain the nature of maternity care provision, including complexity theory, salutogenesis, and new concepts of organisational culture. The aim of the book is to examine the nature of these theories, and the contributors examine and apply these in 11 chapters linking to a range of practical situations in a number of different countries.

The editors originate from a range of countries which have different ways of organising maternity care and midwifery. This book is associated with cross-national research involving 100 members from 26 countries funded by COST Action IS0907 “Childbirth Cultures, Concerns & Consequences”. COST Action aims to advance scientific knowledge about ways of improving maternity care provision and outcomes for mothers, babies and families.

Lead editor Associate Prof. Sarah Church (London South Bank University & Barts Health) said: “We hope our fascinating book will become required reading for maternity professionals, activists and policy-makers”.

Prof. Soo Downe noted: “We are grateful to COST Action having the foresight to fund our cross-national research.”

Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen added: It is comparative research like this that shows we often have more in common than that we differ. Hence there is much to learn from other countries.”

Book chapters

Maternity care international perspectives: setting the scene
Edwin van Teijlingen, Lucy Frith and Sarah Church

Chapter 1
The salutogenic approach to maternity care: from theory to practice and research
Bengt Lindström, Marie Berg, Claudia Meier Magistretti, Mercedes Perez-Botella and Soo Downe

Chapter 2
Fetal screening in three countries from a complexity theory perspective
Helga Gottfreðsdóttir, Marianne Nieuwenhuijze and Lucy Frith

Chapter 3
Core outcomes in Maternity Care Research
Valerie Smith, Cecily Begley, Mechthild M. Gross and Declan Devane

Chapter 4
Capturing the complexity of practice as an insider: in-labour ethnography
Jette Aaroe Clausen and Mário JDS Santos

Chapter 5
Innovations in practice: challenges involved in knowledge transfer
Karin Minnie and Christa van der Walt

Chapter 6
A salutogenic perspective on maternity care for migrant women
Berit Viken, Marie-Clare Balaam and Anne Lyberg

Chapter 7
Migrant midwives: contributing to a different culture
Sarah Church and Olga Gouni

Chapter 8
Leadership development of nurses and midwives to improve maternal-child healthcare in Africa
Christa van der Walt and Karin Minnie

Chapter 9
Reflections on ‘Getting Europe into Switzerland and Switzerland into Europe’ Swiss participation in COST Action ISCH 0907 from 2010 to 2014
Ans Luyben, Claudia Meier Magistretti, Barbara Kaiser, Iréne Maffi and Annette Kuhn

Chapter 10
Technology in childbirth: exploring women’s views of fetal monitoring during labour – a systematic review
Valerie Smith, Cecily Begley and Declan Devane

Chapter 11
Normal birth research state of the art: into the future
Soo Downe


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