COST members invited to the biannual meeting of Valencian Association of Midwives

Dr Stella Villarmea from WG5 and Dr Lola Ruiz Berdún from WG4 and WG6 were invited by Valencian Association of Midwives (Associació de Comares de la Cominitat Valenciana, Spain) to talk in their IX Biannual Meeting (9ª Trobada de Comares de la Comunitat Valenciana (Spanish language link here).

The meeting was held in Peñíscola, a beautiful and touristic place in Spain on 20-21th October.

The slogan of the meeting was “to accompany, to care, to empower”. Dr. Villarmea spoke about “Obstetric controversies: from the evidences to the values” and Dr. Lola Ruiz Berdún spoke about “Consequences of Obstetric Violence in childbirth professionals”.

Valencian Association of Midwives, coast action


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