COST Action IS1405 agendas for Sofia, Bulgaria – September 19, 2016.

COST Action IS1405
Action Title: Building Intrapartum Research Through Health – an interdisciplinary whole system approach to understanding and contextualising physiological labour and birth (BIRTH)
Management Committee Meeting
Sophia, Bulgaria
From21 September 2016 to21 September 2016

To be completed by the meeting secretary and circulated to the MC and the COST Association (Science and Administrative Officer)

1. Welcome to participants
2. Verification of the presence of two-thirds of the Participating COST Countries or, if applicable, a
3. Adoption of agenda
4. Approval of minutes and matters arising of last meeting
5. Update from the Action Chair
    a) Status of Action: start and end dates of Action, participating COST countries, participating NNC/
IPC institutions and Specific Organisations.
    b) Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM): review of completed reports and new applications
6. Update from the Grant Holder: Action budget status
7. Update from the COST Association, if a representative is present
8. Monitoring of the Action
9. Implementation of COST policies on:
    a) Promotion of gender balance and Early Career Investigators (ECI)
    b) Inclusiveness and Excellence (see below list of Inclusiveness Target Countries)
10. Follow-up of MoU objectives: progress report of working groups
11. Scientific planning
    a) Scientific strategy (MoU objectives, GP Goals, WG tasks and deliverables)
    b) Action Budget Planning
    c) Long-term planning (including anticipated locations and dates of future activities)
    d) Dissemination planning (Publications and outreach activities)
12. Requests to join the Action from:
    a) COST countries
    b) Institutions in Near Neighbouring Countries, International Partner Countries, and/or Specific
Organisations: EU agencies, European RTD Organisation, International Organisations
13. AOB
14. Location and date of next meeting
15. Summary of MC decisions
16. Closing

Download the pdf here.

COST Action IS1405 Core Group agenda, Sofia, Bulgaria 19th September 2016.


  • Apologies
  • Approval of last meeting minutes, adoption of agenda & matters arising/for information
  • Progress and future plans for 2016/17 of Working Groups 1-6, ESR & STSM
    1. Celebration of successes, discussion of issues arising


  • Updates on recent activities
    1. Report on STSM 3nd Call
    2. Open access publications
    3. Website


  • Planning 2016/17 meetings and activities
    1. Location and detail of future Management Committee/Core Group/Working Group meetings
    2. Training School
    3. STSM programme in next budgetary year


  • Forward planning for 2017-2018
  • Implementation of COST policies on gender balance/ ECR and inclusiveness agenda
  • BBB survey
  • Attendance/funding for meetings/active vs non active members
  • State of the Art publication
  • Summary of issues to go forwards to the Management Committee meeting
  • AOB

Download the pdf version here.






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