WG2: Members accepted for oral presentation in September at International Forum for Health Promotion Research in Trondheim, Norway

Claudia Meier Magistretti and Anastasia Topalidou have had their abstract accepted for the International Forum for Health Promotion Research in Trondheim, Norway (September 28 to 30,2016

Details of the abstract are below:

Unsilencing health in maternity care, from international qualitative data to objective physiological measurements: a salutogenic approach and a critical look

Claudia Meier Magistretti, Anastasia Topalidou


In current climate of risk-avoidance in maternal and neonatal care, there is a lack of systematic evidence about practices that could strengthen the health of mothers, babies and families. On the other hand, specific characteristics of pre- peri- and postnatal salutogenic maternity care were recently described. However, knowing what salutogenic maternity care may consist of we still lack knowledge about the effect of salutogenic practice on pregnant women and on midwifes themselves.

Known methods of measurement direct effects are of limited value for their equation of concern: retrospective interviewing would provide some, but not the needed solid evidence of how salutogenic care affects pregnant women, since they could be biased by a range of interpretations.  Psychometric measurements may provide valid information about processes and short term effects of salutogenic care.

Therefore, twenty-seven narrative interviews were conducted with expert midwives working in pre-, peri- and postnatal care in different maternity-care settings in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In-depth and comparative pattern data analyses were conducted. Moreover, the use of psychometric measurements were tested with parallel image capture using infrared thermal imaging in six midwifes who were categorized based on their salutogenic orientation and practice.

Efforts were made for recording of specific thermal signatures. Results from interview indicate that an implicit health orientation in maternity care practice can be captured in defined concepts describing what health oriented midwives actually do, and what a salutogenic orientation in practice consists of. Also, results showed that specific thermal signature can be captured and provide a quantitative assessment and certain characteristics of salutogenic orientation.

Full findings will be presented at the conference. In conclusion implications for midwifery practice and research were discussed. Consideration is given to the relevance of the results for debates about avoiding overtreatment, and for the operationalization of salutogenic theory in health care practice. The pilot thermal images and their exported values can create guidelines for subsequent use in other health care providers and further studies.

Finally, the results can be associated with heath managers’ understanding of responsibility toward the health care employees’ when facing the general management of health issues.


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