Special one-day conference on Maternal Morbidities (takes place Nov 8, 2016)

Special one-day conference on Maternal Morbidities

Minding Mothers with Morbidities Tuesday 8th November 2016

(funded by the Irish Research Council) Visit website here.

Maternal Morbidities

Unique funding opportunities available

This unique conference brings together clinicians and researchers from all disciplines and women’s organisations who have a shared interest in the health problems women experience after pregnancy.

Papers and discussions will be focused on the theme ‘Minding Mothers with Morbidities’ including presentations on women’s postpartum health problems, and successful prevention, health promotion and treatment strategies.

Studies relating to the health of women before pregnancy are also welcomed when pregnancy and/or childbirth-related benefits are demonstrated.

The conference’s four (4) sub-themes are

  1. Mothers with Morbidities – who are they and who stays healthy and morbidity-free?
  2. Health-seeking & self-help behaviours – what do women do to get help?

iii. Health promotion and prevention strategies – what does and doesn’t work?

  1. Treatments – what does and doesn’t work?


What else is different about this conference?


 The top 18 abstracts submitted for oral presentations, judged by a panel of independent reviewers, will be funded* to attend conference (*up to a maximum of €300.00 per person to cover accommodation, flights and attending the conference).

Poster presentations linked to the conference theme or one of the sub-themes are welcome.

Authors of posters and all other non-presenting delegates are welcome to attend conference at the subsidised rate of €40.00 (this covers coffee, lunch & post-conference wine reception)

World leading maternal health researchers and representatives of women’s organisations will be present to listen to papers, and contribute to the panel and plenary discussions.

Presenters and delegates can also immerse themselves in research for the 2 days following this conference by attending TCD’s Annual Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference (HIRC) on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th November, which will have at least one concurrent session strand on maternity care each day.

Please circulate this email widely to colleagues.

This special one-day conference on Minding Mothers with Morbidities is funded by the Irish Research Council. (Download a pdf with information about the Irish Research Council here.)

#LoveIrishResearch campaign


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