Publication: Maternity Care in Different Countries – midwife’s contribution

Maternity Care in Different Countries – midwife’s contribution

In 2004 the Council of Nurses Associations of Catalonia identified the need to
respond to the challenges of midwifery in all the fields of action of the health
system in order to make a greater contribution to sexual and reproductive health
of women and their families in Catalonia.

The historical relegation of women in society has had its expression in the
subordinate and supporting role of midwifery in some countries. We know
that midwifery-led care is associated with a reduction in the use of epidurals,
fewer episiotomies or instrumental deliveries, and a decreased risk of fetal
death before 24 weeks gestation. In order to make a difference in maternity
care, besides knowing the situation and increasing women’s awareness and
participation in their maternity care process, health services research should
be conducted.

This book analyzes the situation in Belgium, Chile, Ireland, Norway and Spain.

Spanish language download.

English language download.


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